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Warning please put on sunglasses to combat intense newbie sparkle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Zeffy, Apr 30, 2011.

  1. hey, I thought i would introduce myself after a couple of days of reading.
    I've just recently gotten my bike it is a CBR125 and have slowly been building my confidence ^_^

    i'm a uni student so i get pretty busy, but i am planning on going to the saturday morning session when i'm ready since it would be nice to meet people who can share there bike knowledge with me since i have the very bare basics.

    fair warning i ask billions of questions and have extreme curiosity.

  2. Awesome, we like questions over here!
    Where in the country are you?
  3. Howdy and welcome!
  4. Hi Zeffy, welcome to NR and congrats on the new bike :)

  5. Hi Zeffy, way tyo go- welcome
  6. Welcome mate to the NR..,=D> Enjoy your first ride ...,

    Stay safe mate...
  7. i'm in Melbourne
  8. easily the zaniest introductory for ages :LOL:

    Welcome to Netrider, you'll fit right in here!
  9. Welcome to NR. I'm new as well and have been enjoying the company of fellow netriders and all their shortcomings. :) I think I've fit in here prettty nicely!

  10. Welcome to da Melbourne crew
  11. Your sparkle came all the way up here through the interwebs! I've never had to wear the sunnies at night before, so well done there.

    And welcome to the forummm
  12. hmmm newbie or vampire?
  13. Welcome to NR.
  14. Welcome to NR, definetly hit up the Sat practise, cant recommend it enough. Has made myself and others much better riders + alot more confidence with your ride. Then when your ready & the weather is suitable, come down on a Tuesday night. Ride safe.

    Sparkling is fine, ive got my tinted visor.
  15. please if i was a vampire i would be 10x more attractive than i am, i wouldn't need to sleep the 7ish hours i need and i wouldn't be shivering from the cold even though i have heaps of layers on...