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Warning over worn tyres

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by undii, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. from here

  2. another nail in the coffin of no regular (annual?) registration inspections perhaps?
  3. No it can't be true.
    The only thing that will change the road toll is for every one to go slower.
    More speed cameras ar ethe only way to ensure this.
    You just ask Mister Bracks...
    He'll tell ya.
  4. Hey all,
    This may be really unpopular,
    BUT I think that some kind of annual or bi-annual roadworthy would be a good thing, cars bike trucks, every registered vehicle,
    esp in QLD,

    before you go right off, several examples,

    Kawasaki ZZR1100 parked at a shopping centre near where I live,
    steel belts showing on the front tyre,
    Back one not far off as well, no tread pattern left.

    Early 90's Magna lives somewhere near me, parks at the local shops,
    is that badly rusted, there are rust holes thru the boot lid, that no kidding I could fit my fist thru, have followed on my bike, smoke machine.
  5. I think it should be upto the owner, anything over 10 years old should probably get checked every three years.

    I had the canvas showing on my rear tyre, still pulled wheelies in the wet. The front tyre with wires hanging out is stretching it though.

    Also the death toll would be reduced if people were competent and maybe concentrated a little on what they're doing. Maybe pulling their heads out of their asses would help. :wink:
  6. You just have to wander through your local shopping centre carpark to know that this is true.

    Quite often people don't know or care about their tyres...

    I mean, come on... You just have to look at the little arrows pointing in the tread...
  7. I think things would be much better if at each 12 months;

    wiper blades,
    driving lights,
    be checked in order to re-register the vehicle.

    Take $20 off the cost of rego and make it so that you only needed to pay $20 each 12 months.

    That would remove alot of the death traps that are on the roads today.
  8. and you know how that would end. People in general see cars as an expense and if you don't force them to do anything they'll run it until the air spurts out of what's left of the tyre or they bin the thing.

    At least with annual inspection in nsw you don't see anywhere near the number of bald tyres that you do in vic and qld (in my not inconsiderable travelling experience).

    Past that, you'll probably still get the same number of dud lights and rust holes, but you should take care of those who don't know what that horrible squeeling noise is when they push the brake or wonder why it doesn't stop as well as it used to in the wet but can't put two and two together.

    As a blanket statement, the only group of motorists i've come across that don't by and large see tyres as a grudge purchase as motorcyclists - they seem to be the only group you can't sell tyres to with the claim of 'lasts for 60,000km or your money back'. Granted, there will always be some but as a general consensus people buying car tyres go for the cheapest or the ones they are told will last the longest - and overseas you often see tyres advertised as "50,000miles guaranteed"

    Indicators imo don't really matter because the driver is often not aware of how they should be used, so whether or not they work is irrelevant.
  9. I agree with you Big Chris and vic

    I was listening to a show on the radio tonight and the guy suggested that the following should be checked EVERY year and I Agree...Tyres, Lights, Brakes, Seat Belts, Steering...I would also add emission control ..

    I lived in Canada for a few years and they check your emission every year and if you did not pass .. NO REGO ..
    You had a week or so to get things fixed. I think it really helped to keep old bombs off the road and if any old
    car's or trucks were on the road they had to be in good running condition and not spluttering black smoke etc.

    Also .. in British Columbia where I was living I was fanging it (I mean driving sensibly) down the freeway when I saw this sign on the side of the road .. it read SPEED CAMERA AHEAD ( it was NOT hidden and it was in full view of oncoming motorists)

    Naturally I slowed down, along with everyone else on the road..... then I was at this meeting and met the Mayor of the little town I was living in and said .. "ok call me crazy but what's with the signs that TELL people there is a speed camera ahead." He replied and said something like the following ....."We are only interested in those motorist who ignore the sign and have no regard for slowing down and they don't usually even SEE the sign because they are going at excessive speeds. .. Also .. speed cameras here are NOT in place for raising revenue .. they are used to Fine criminals - people who have NO regard for the law and no regard for safety and other motorists. We are not interested in every day folk who may be going over the limit a bit while in the flow of traffic etc. and those who are generally law abiding citizens... these people slow down when they see the signs.

    I was VERY impressed indeed!

    For me, seeing the Sign on the road, was an IMMEDIATE deterrent, to remind me to Slow down a little and check my speed...whereas if I was to get a bill in the mail for say $150-00+ weeks AFTER ... well ... *sighs*

    In my humble opinion ... the gov is so used to having those big bucks and spending those big bucks .. I don't think
    there is any way on this earth they will ever part with it ...not even a little.... it's kinda like an addiction I think .. hmm
    much like my LED's :) 88 and counting!!

    Anyhow, that's my 2 cents worth on the subject.

    Taz :) <--- who's back on 97.1FM Monday nights from 9-00pm with Dazmo .. give us a call if your up .. 5968 2727.
  10. It's not unpopular with me, I've believed we should have had something like this for years. Passenger buses and taxis and planes and commericial passenger boats already have regular inspection schemes in place... I don't see why passenger cars, bikes or trucks should be exempted.
  11. This goes against all motorsport theory & experience.

    Untreaded "slicks" are used throughout motorsport and definately corner better as there is no tread on the tyre to move around as you corner. I've watched as many a brand new tyre is deliberately buffed (worn) down to the minimum race legal tread depth using a special machine and thinking it's such a waste.

    Of course we're not NASCAR and we do drive in wet conditions where having no tread results in little or no grip when you need it.

    Mind you I got 80,000 out of the rear tyres on my VY Comode and what are my current rear tyres (original fronts have just clocked over 100,000km and are about to be replaced as the wear indicators are about to disappear (it's still legal though, just) and the wet weather season is well and truly here. I work on the theory that the newest tyres should be on the front as it's more important to be able to point the car in the right direction than make it go forwards (or backwards) :wink:
  12. Every time this comes up, someone, usually Tony :)P) replies by saying that there's no evidence that regular inspections of cars for roadworthiness has an impact on accidents or the road toll. And every time I say, compare the state of Victorian vehicles with NSW vehicles, because there's just no way that rusted-out heaps with bald tyres can be as safe as ones that are road-worthy....
  13. And it seems like every few cars in a line has one of more brake lights out...
  14. Vic,
    I think you forgot one.

    Oil leaks.

    How many of us have dropped a bike because of an oil slick?

    The worst part of it they go unpunished. It sucks. At least if they just fail to give way they get fined.
  15. I once saw a car when I was at work in a gathouse at a TAFE.

    It came into the driveway with a bike cop following it and it was a rusted out old shit heap TE Cortina.

    It was that rusted out that once it went over the speed hump in front of the gatehouse every piece of the car that was behind the rear window bounced and appeared that it was about to fall off.

    The bike cop simply ignored it and continued on his mery way to do a lap of the campus.

    We were all stunned. Here was a traffic cop that couldnt give a rats fat about what was on the roads.

    After all, the car wasnt speeding and according to Bracks and Batchelor, they are safe :roll:
  16. Hmmm... Then I'm surprised that there are no tyres that cater to these "slicks" type of tyre, after all, it is a tappable market.
    But I think motorsport is different to practical use.
    It's not like we're all trying to outrace each other on the roads, and besides, how often do racers change their tyres? I don't think you'd see anyone go on the track with a tyre that's close to having a blowout.
  17. In NSW you have to have a rego inspection every 12 months.
    All vehicles.
    In NSW all fixed speed cameras are marked as you approach them.
    Same for red light cameras in NSW.

    It's the set-up-by-the-side-of-the-road speed camera units that get most NSW motorists speeding. They do sometimes have a sign up, but by the time you have seen it they are waving you over.
  18. I think inspections (pinkslip) are a waste of time and money the way they are implemented in NSW.

    I think a better sysem would be no compolsury check, but more random "booze bus" style inspections. A team of govt mechanics and police pull some cars in and do a quick check on the spot. Only the brake test is a little hard, but they could use a simple setup 100m down the road (like used in the NSW P's test), go through at 20km and pullup by x meters.

    And simply cops doing a tyre, obvious rust and smoke inspection whenever they pull someone over for RBT.

    Theres mechanics everywhere in NSW who will let anything through, they just shake the brake test box or even have a printer to make the tickets.
    But theres no followup checks, unless your in a domf-domf mobile, then they go looking for every little defect they can.

    No compulory checks, no wasted time and money.
    But people know theres a good chance of being randomy inspected, failure of which gets the car towed on the spot. People will take the car for an anual inspection and pay attention to their tyres without being forced, plus old bombs will get taken of the road.
  19. You can buy new slicks.

    If you've seen guys buffing a street tyre it was probably too worn for legal street use.
  20. I used to repair cars for a crust. We had a customer bring a car in for a muffler, we did as we normally did and inspected the brakes while it was on the hoist. The brakes were so worn that it had worn through the pad>backing plate of the pad>and halfway through the piston!!!!!!!

    She didn't even know.