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Warning others about speed traps?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by dan, Jun 14, 2005.

  1. from http://blogs.motorbiker.org/blogs.nsf/dx/06092005104801MWECC4.htm

    "Here's a question I get often enough. It's a known fact that in France when you see cars and motorcycles on the opposite lane flashing their lights, they are signaling an upcoming radar speed trap.

    QUESTION: is this legal ?? Will you get arrested for warning others about the radar.

    ANSWER: No !! This is very legal, since you are preventing other motorcyclists (and cars drivers) from committing a misdemeanor !! Same if you see someone leaving a store without paying for an item, and you tell that person not to do it.

    So fire away !! When you see a radar somewhere, alert the others !!"

  2. Good point, Dan. I must say that I always feel that I am contributing to road safety by flashing (my lights, before anyone assumes I mean anything else by that!), cos other motorists slow down and are more attentive.
    That post is taken from an overseas website by the looks of it so I'm not sure how the law is applied here but I do recall that someone went to court a couple of years ago pleading that defence and got off.
  3. The general rule is that a double flash of the headlights is a warning to other motorists that there is a speed trap up ahead.

    The only thing that is illegal about it is that you are not allowed to use your high beams when there is on coming traffic. This is what the police book you for, not for warning others about the speed trap.

    Using your low beams or driving lights however cannot be illegal :)

    Oh wait.......Bracks/Batchelor.......maybe it can?!?!?!
  4. It is however legal and acceptable to flash high beams to warn of an upcoming road hazard, such as an obstacle or traffic accident...... Go figure huh? The pigglies have got us by the short and curlies and there's NOTHING we can do about it!
  5. I like to give a 'slow down' signal with my right hand.
  6. then they'll book you for 'failing to maintain proper control of a vehicle' :LOL:
  7. Back before we had headlamp flashers the old "Reach out the window and pat a large dog." used to be the accepted warning. Thanks for reminding me of that.
  8. "Just releaving the numbness in my hands, orificer" :wink:
  9. Well using your driving lights in normal driving conditions should be illegal. I think the QLD law specifically prohibits the use of rear fog lamps in anything but severe weather conditions/poor visibility, and a similiar law is required down here. I'm sick to death of being blinded by Excels with fog lamps brighter than their brake lights, and by Holden Commonwhores with poorly directed driving lights. Some of them are worse than facing someone with their high-beams on.

    It's fuggin ridiculous they let you get away with that crap. Being blinded at night is more dangerous than being 3km/h over the limit, I assure you.
  10. Completely Agree. It should be legal, legal I tell you.........legal to smash those Hyundai fog lamps when the conditions do not warrant them.
  11. Yep, but who are you going to get to enforce the fog lights issue - police are some of the biggest offenders in my experience.

    Had an annoying incident last night on the way back from Cann River. An Astra came up behind us with its high beams on. I thought that it might be accidental but she went to the trouble of dipping the lights when there was oncoming traffic before switching them back to light up the three riders a couple of car lengths in front of her.

    Sick of being deliberately blinded I dropped behind her (outrunning wasnt an option, one of the group was on a Harley) and lit up her cabin whenever she had the highbeams on. She went to the trouble of adjusting her mirrors rather than dip her lights for at least another minute. Eventually she took the hint.

    My actions may seem like road rage but there didnt seem to be any other way of getting the message through. The road was becoming windy and flashblind is not the best way to approach corners on a road you don't know.

    :evil: :evil: :twisted:
  12. Dead right, those arsehole wankers that have their spots on during the day and focused towards other cars should have them kicked in.

    As for those drongoes with the rear bright tail light, I put my high beam on. If they complain I say well due to the poor visibility that you say exists, I have to use my high beam to make you aware I am behind you.
    They usually turn them off.

    As for the wankers with their blue lights, weeellll I suppose they cant show their frilly nickers can they?


  13. I was driving through Tarcutta at Christmas time, late at night and I had my fog lamps on to give me a bit extra visibility along the road edges and also cos it was misty.

    The local plod pulled me over and told me that it was law in NSW that you could only use fog lights if it was actually foggy.

    He didn't book me but that's the situation in NSW.
  14. Are we talking spot lights or fog lights?

    I used to have a jap import car with yellow fog lights that could be switched on independantly. They were awesome.

    They weren't blinding to anyone (no moreso than normal dipped headlights) but the increased peripheral vision a lot.

    As for drivers running lights on full while following or approaching....
    GRRRRRRRRRR. You can have an accident just trying to put yourself in a position where you're not being blinded.

    I like the idea of given them a taste of it back, but I'd love to know a better way.
  15. My car has small, clear-lensed lamps mounted low in the bumper bar at the front. They are designated as fog lamps and shine low on the road and towards the side of the car as well as in front.

    In point of fact they couldn't blind anyone no matter how short they were, but I can't use them at night if it's not foggy cos it's against the law.
  16. When driving my car I' ve developed a knack of adjusting the power mirrors so that the high beams of the following car reflects straight back into their vision . They usually aren't smart enough to dip their lights but they back off quickly & far enough for it not to be a problem . Just one of the many skills of spending 80+ hrs a week on the road.

  17. When driving my car I' ve developed a knack of adjusting the power mirrors so that the high beams of the following car reflects straight back into their vision . They usually aren't smart enough to dip their lights but they back off quickly & far enough for it not to be a problem . Just one of the many skills of spending 80+ hrs a week on the road. :D

  18. Good one Gordo, I use to have a cibie super oscar on the back of my hilux as a work lamp, one flick of that baby made them drop back and dim the lights real quick. :LOL:
  19. rc36honda
    The whole problem is that those lights are rarely if ever aimed at the road. If they were there would still be a problem with more light in drivers eyes. Unless there is heavy fog, there is no need of them. We can see you with only two lights. Have you seen the number of wankers with them on in daylight? Good grief, what are you/they pretending to be?

    Most cars with those lights have the maladjusted or misaligned if you wish and so, because they are either parrallel or slightly up, they cause blindness in oncoming drivers. Those lights are supposed to shine down onto the road to give light just in front of the car, no more.

    Older lights were yellow to shine better in fog, now they are bright and even blue which reflects back to the driver and are rendered useless.

    Please drivers, turn the eff-ers off.

  20. I've just finished 1/2 a bottle of Bundy , feeling a little melancholy , but it seems to me basic respect has gone out the window . There used to be a thing called common courtesy . It doesn't seem that common anymore . Like giving up your seat on a bus/train for an old/pregnant woman . Or just letting someone in in heavy traffic from a driveway or sidestreet . Maybe people should just slow down & take a look at themselves . Oh #$%^ my soap box just caved in . :shock