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Warning gadget

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by firefling, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. Jarrah and I was discussing about how cool if there was a gadget out there that if a lead bike encounters cops (or cameras), he could push a button or something to that effect. Riders behind him then can see a light start flashing on their dash that a cop was coming and slow down.

    Question is, how hard would it be to make something like that and is there anything like that on market?
  2. 2 way radio.... vox operated...say "cops" and everyone hears it and can slow down. But you shouldn't be over the limit anyway and no need to worry :p
  3. I've had this idea in the past too - a 'hazard communication light' alerting others to slow down. You could do it with some simple electronics - I suggest a trip down to Dick Smith and tell a nerd there what you want to do, they should be able to sort you out. Don't know if there is already a similar product on the market though.
  4. It would be easy to make for sure. Simple transmitter made from old uhf or AM CB. Right Glipshitz??? But I doubt that anyone will install it just for sake of that.

    It kinda exists on your bike already, lead rider can tap his brake 3-4 times, and chain reaction will do the rest all the way to the last rider. visual contact required tough!

    Plus, if Groberts was a leader he won't activate it on purpose, because radar got him already so he doesn't care about the rest, he's gotta pay the fine :)
  5. Well it doesn't necessarily apply only to cops, could be gravel, rocks , roadkills or tree all over the road. Something to caution riders to slow down...
  6. The other place to look would be JAYCAR Electronics. They have all sorts of kits and things and you could probably build soimething really easily.
  7. small 2 way radio would be best then as you can give details if you need to....plus you can talk to each other while riding