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Warning for those who ride the Old Road Sydney

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by pommiemick, May 6, 2006.

  1. I got the email a while ago so not sure if its already been reported here. I Also have the rego if the car if I am allowed to print it. Its an unmarked cop car grey gunmetal Ford Falcon

    I was returning from Tamworth/Walcha on Sunday afternoon and came up
    the back of this car just after the slab on the Old Pacific Highway. I
    knew it for what it was and realised i would just have to follow.
    He slowed to 40kph until it was safe to pass and then sped up to 60.
    The . . . he started to wave me around when there was only double
    lines! He kept that up all the way to Mt White where i turned off (had

  2. Sounds like entrapment to me, I'd report him to higher authorities.
  3. Borrow a helmet cam from someone and then send the video of him waving you over double yellows to today tonight.

    See him out of a job.
  4. haha :LOL:
    i wonder if you could actually do that though??
  5. How sure are you that it was a cop not somebody who just wanted to race with you?
  6. Hi pommiemick

    I was at Road Warrior Cafe on Anzac Day and asked if they knew of any cops patrolling the road and they told me "nah, you'll be right they're all on the Freeway". Whilst I wasn't more specific, these guys would know - I'd say there would be the best source of fact or fiction in regards to the email.

    I've been on the old road four times in the past six weeks (no issues) and it has been much quieter since they dropped the speed limit.
  7. I'm sure the uproar caused would see him out of that particular role.
  8. yeah i was not sure about the validity of the story but a few other people had mentioned it so I thought it was worth a mention.

    Since the 60kph limit the Old Road has been quiet. Its a ridiculous speed limit but it will be interesting to see the accident stats for the 12 months after the drop. The fact is less bikes use the road (especially sports bikes) so I can see the accident figures dropping.
  9. So I guess they will have achieved their aim. Hopefully that won't be used as a blueprint for other roads with high bike patronage.
  10. i havent seen a marked cop car up at the old road for about 3 weeks now. every time i go up though i see at least 2 unmarked cars....