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Warning for people buying there first bike

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Hecko, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. OK, now don't just trust what sales people tell you...

    There I was just riding around minding my own business when i pull up to the traffic lights and my bike just stops and wouldnt start, so i pushed it round the corner n tried to figure out what was wrong. then some smartarse walked by and said 'u run out of petrol have ya...' and walked off laughing. at first i took offence cause i thought as if i would do that, then i realise i did do exactly that. Ah, no problem tho, i still have the reserve tank.

    So i start to look at the knob to see how to switch it to reserve, but the markings didnt make sense. the guy at the shop said 'no worries mate the fuel is on so ur right to go'. i start her up and im off. now unfortantely it was actually on reserve, so when i ran out, it was bone dry.

    You have probably figured out by now the moral of the story is to figure out how all the bits n pieces on your bike work before u really ride it to far, but i can assure you the point becomes very much reinforced after u push your bike for half an hour on a hot day n walk into the servo dripping sweat!!!

    Its been a good week actually cause i only got the bike on saturday, and i dropped the thing in my backyard trying to push it along. i have also resolved to always push my bike with me on it and not from the side, trust me it saves the heartache!!!

    anyway im going to go hide under a rock... hehe, the cool thing is tho, is that none of this even compares to the feeling i get every time im on my baby!!!!!!! :D
  2. Sorry for the long story, exmenace made me do it :p hehe
  3. In hindsight it would have been an idea to also have asked about the fuel knob and other little surpirses like that:)
  4. Hey mate, hindsight has 20/20 vision but now you've learnt some valuable lessons, now go out & rack up the km's & enjoy your bike & remember the only stupid question is the one you don't ask! There's 1600 of us just waiting to help & advise you!
  5. a mistakes only a mistake if you dont learn from it .

    by posting and taking a little crap for it , you may have helped out someone else

    well done

    dont worry about smee , his bike/ tractor runs on Diesal :wink: :LOL:
  6. pffft~~
    It's fuel injected:p
    BTW run out of fuel after 50 k's yet?
    :p :D
  7. Thanx for the story Hecko... i will definately not be making the same mistake when i get my first :)

    Im interesting to know whether you delivered the bird to the loud mouth who laughed at you....hehehe :wink:
  8. I think it's because of you were too excited about your new bike!!!

    so you forgot to check everything before you leave the dealer.
  9. Well i ask the dealer but he said it was 'on' so i didn't worry about it untl i had to!! a little bit late but its good for a laugh.

    hey jac, nah i didnt say anything to the guy that laughed at me cause i probably would have sat there a lot longer trying to figure it out!! as i said, as if i'd run out of petrol! lol

    I also thought this little story might bring back some (painful) memories from you other guys out there cause i'm sure i'm not the nly once to do it!! hehe
  10. when i had the across , the petrol light came on and 2 ks later she ran out , went to click on reserve and it was on it , 3 k's to the petrol station , 38 degree's , full leather pushing the bike past road works slowely get heat exshaustion when a bloke from the road works towed me behind the ute down there along the road works where there was no traffic (doing about 5k"s per hour)
    went in filled up and bought 3 large bottles of coke and road back and handed it to them just to say thankyou .

    i hardly ever let my light stay on anymore :wink: :LOL:
  11. Heheheh nice gesture.
    What is the fuel range like on your vtr?
    It was the number 2 bike on my list and the only reason I didn't go for it was the fuel range.
  12. the exact same thing happened to me.

    they told me where it was, but said it was on 'on', not reserve.. so yeah. same thing.

    clipstone yamaha sold my bike to me.

    lesson easily learnt and never forgotten :D
  13. yeah the dealer left me not only with 20kms of petrol, but also about 2 months rego! on a brand new bike!

    always tryna screw ya
  14. I have no complaints with the dealer, sure they are trying to make money off you, but overall i was happy with the service i received, i just should have check it actually was in the 'on' position!! lol
  15. I thought you will never tell the story HECKO - hehehe
  16. Lol, nah i was always going to put it up, i cant help not taking the piss out of myself!! Just been busy with work etc

    I actually rode to training (martial arts) but i don't think i will do that again cause it was a pain cause i couldnt fit all the gear into my backpack, plus my instructor had to stand and wait at the gate for me to suit up and get ready!! riding to work is fun tho!!!
  17. I get around 200 i fill up and it takes 10-11 ltrs to the brim ( 13 ltrs tank 10 +3 reserve) all depending on how hard i ride it
    on the highway more , but i have never taken it to when the light starts to flash (reserve)
  18. Congratulations on the bike :D

    I can understand your fuel mistake, I think when you buy something and it stops working immediately the natural reaction is to worry that that somethings seriously wrong and you've been dupped by the sales person making it's easy to miss the obvious :p

    Anyway enough on mistakes - Enjoy the bike!!!!
  19. When i picked up my bike the guy told me there was about 3 weeks worth of petrol left. It only lasted 3kms.
  20. Haha dont worry there has been plenty of enjoyment, I just figured if I could get a laugh out of my first week of riding, other people could get a laugh as well! sure its all at my expense, but you have to be able to laugh at yourself!!! :LOL:

    Anyway, its 4:15 and i have 45 minutes till i get to ride home, and what more can you ask for than that?! lol