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VIC [warning] Fail to obey traffic lights -while filtering

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by melb_ourne, Apr 11, 2011.

  1. hi

    So i got a letter of infringement - 28 sec after elapsed on Red Lights. Seem a bit strange that i ran the light onto peak hour traffic (9:15) so I decide to check the photo.

    Actual what happened was, I was filtering to the front of the cars and stopped passed the “stop line” and triggered the camera. And based on what the traffic guy said I have technically i have failed to obey the traffic lights. It was peak hour other cars was stationary on the stop line... so i moved in front of them and not blocking the intersection.

    3 demerit points seems excessive when i did not actually go thru red lights but stopped passed the "stop line"...but based on forum comments... i broke the traffic light law.

  2. Oh snap! That sucks mate, yes 3 points is a joke.. Like my bus lane infringement, thats 3pts aswell. Last time I checked neg driving was 3 points.
  3. Typical bull shit is all I can say. Am I aloud to say that?
  4. Which road was this on?
  5. Anyone of Melbournes over policed underfunded roads.
  6. So you got pinged for the red light? I don't know the full circumstances from your post but the correct offence is probably 'not stop at stop line at red light' which is a 3 pointer also.
  7. What amazes me in Sydney is the number of cars who overshoots the stop line by half a car length every day! Lucky for them our sensors are further past the line.
  8. Does anyone know at what point you are deemed to have crossed the line?
    - front of vehicle?
    - front axle?
    - rear axle?
    - rear of vehicle?
  9. The second you cross the wide white line you've entered the intersection and have broken the law.

    Cars tend to get away with driving over the line because the road loop doesn't pick it up until the rear of the car has gone over it and with cars being a lot longer than a bike they've got a bit more latitude to play with before the system is triggered.
  10. Damit - the sensors work this but not for a single bike waiting at the lights trying to trigger them to go green
  11. I hate that intersection. Always get stuck at it. I've written to VicRoads asking if they plan on making traffic light induction loops more bike-friendly.
  12. I watched a vicroads video where it's if the rear of the vehicle passes the stop line, and that if only the front of the vehicle passes the stop line you are fine.
    Obviously it would be different for long vehicles like trucks.
  13. farken this.

    happens all the time coming home from TAFE in blacktown at night...usually i just run the red after coming to a complete stop and waiting for 30-****ing-minutes for the lights to change
  14. I often treat red lights as stop signs.
    In fact I'm pretty sure there's at least one state in the states where the law allows motorcyclists to treat red lights as stop signs.
  15. I'm surprised TBH.

    I was always under the impressin that, if the photos (there are two in WA and, I assume elsewhere) shows that the vehicle did not actually proceed through the junction, a ticket doesn't get issued.

    Hmmm. Another illusion shattered.
  16. I had always thought the same thing Pat. I must be more careful next time I visit Melbourne.
  17. I got flashed a while back but never got a ticket. However I was on an angle so the camera possibly couldn't see my plate. You can always filter but ensure your bike is in a position where the cameras can't see your plates, but this means staying close to the cars usually.
  18. Yeah, it's a bit frustrating for filtering motorcyclists that stopping just after the line but not entering or crossing the intersection counts as a red light/stop sign infringement.

    But then again, and I say this with no pun intended, they have to draw the line somewhere. You're either in the intersection or you're not, and that line is the divider.