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Warning, Exhaust, etc, Stickers - Required by ADR's or Manufacturers Choice??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Apr 13, 2011.

  1. Get a new bike and there can be up to 3 or 4 on there.
    Buy it second had and they're either gone or still there.

    Are they put on by law or is it just the manufacturers doing it by choice..
    They all don't have the same warnings so I figured it's more the manufacturers rather than ADR.
    I could understand the exhaust noise db stickers could be an ADR requirement but not sure.

    There were 3 on my GS and I removed them.
    The TDM only had 1 of the orang and white ones on the tank but it too had to come off.
    Left the exhaust noise sticker on atm but it's starting to bug me.

    The only one on the TDM was on top of tank warning me to read the manual before riding.
    Sticker on GS tank was 'Unleaded Fuel Only'
    Like I really need to read same crap every time I get on the bike..

    Think GS had warning's about helmet too but can't remember exactly as they were the first things I removed.
    Besides colors were wrong, hate stickers and I like a clean look...lol

    So who here has removed them because like me, bugged the crap out of me?

  2. I remove stickers as well. I think I removed them all except the noise one.
  3. Interesting point, I made my own exhausts, so I dont have stickers,
    But I certainly can stamp numbers on them if required by law,
  4. I thought they'd gotten rid of that stupid law about comliance stickers on exhausts. Or am I thinking of something else?
  5. It might be Vic Versus NSW laws,
  6. I was told once that the fuel sticker was required, but the other warnings weren't.

    Don't have the time myself right now to look into it further so hopefully someone will post a definitive answer with source soon :)
  7. NSW repealed the exhaust label law some years ago, but I don't know about other states

    either way, I hate stickers of any sort on my vehicles; my mechanic puts a shop sticker on my car every time he services it and as soon as I get home I rip it off :LOL:
  8. Might explain why the fuel sticker on mine is underneath the clearcoat (and yet the fairing stickers I actually want to keep are above it).
  9. have fun getting that one of
  10. i pulled mine off...... shit sorry wrong forum
  11. Who would be derp enough to put diesel in a motorbike? Should have a law making it illegal to have the stickers - if the person is dumb enough to do so they shouldn't be on two wheels :s
  12. Its been done before, wrong fuel in the wrong vehicle,

    You want to hear a diesel running on super, Hahahahahahaha
  13. hahah
  14. I think the Unleaded fuel Only one is or was a legal thing. Once leaded petrol was gone I didn't see the point. I took all the warning stickers off the top of the tank on my bike before last, and I sort of remember the Triumph dealer saying they didn't bother putting them on my last bike, though that might have been the running in instructions sticker.

    I ran my '98 model bike on leaded until they stopped making it anyway.
  15. If you think that's bad, the bus I just finished driving at work has a mandatory sticker on the driver's door window that says "Do not access bus through window". If you ever felt the urge to climb through the window it would have to be down, so the sticker would be inside the door. Gotta love the gubbermint.