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Warning.. Excited new rider

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by PocketRocket, Dec 21, 2013.

  1. Finally I have done it.... Got my learners and am now looking at all the shiney and aesthetically pleasing bikes. I will be making my first purchase in the new year (OH THE EXCITEMENT)....

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  2. Welcome aboard. What shiny bikes have you been looking at?
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  3. welcome to the nuthouse :) and in keeping with tradition are you hot :)
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  4. Welcome!
    Have you booked in for QRide yet?
    I hope you are the pocket rocket and you aren't thinking of buying a pocket bike.
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  5. Hi Pocket Rocket from a Brissy lady rider. Good to see another one on board!!
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  6. Welcome to Netrider, oh diminutive one
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  7. Hello and welcome :)
    Wouldn't it be dangerous to have a rocket in your pocket?
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  8. LOL

    @ pocket rocket hi there and welcome.

    What side of brisvegas are you from?

    The good side (south side) or the not so good side (north side LOL)??
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  9. Welcome to netrider fellow rider from brisbane.
    I know the feeling of excitement only just got a bike myself.
    What bikes are you looking at?
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  10. welcome NR, reckon she's floatin on air folks, when your feet touch the ground, let us all know what kind of bike you're considering, and congrats on getting your L's
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  11. Welcome to NR !
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  12. If you need a hand with anything there's a small group of us, including two women who know their stuff, who can help. Sing out if you want anything.
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  13. Hi Everyone *waves*. I am neither north side nor south side Im a Westie, Jindalee.

    Firstly let me honestly say.. I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT BIKES what so ever, so I am not even going to pretend I know what I am talking about and to quote myself here...
    People can give me all of THEIR opinions on what bike I should get, however being the uniquely stubborn person that I am this is how I will decide....My future motorbike will be chosen purely based on 'sexy' aesthetics, this includes but isn't limited to colour and shiny bits and like my car my bike will have a ridiculously cute name.... this bike must also ensure my ass and legs always look great when perched on it..... So many options in the motorbike time sucking vortex and so far I have looked at a couple of Hyosung GT250's, Kawasaki Eliminator and a couple of Ninja's

    PocketRocket is me on roller skates but will probably be less so rockety on a Bike.

    I am all set to do my Q-ride on Friday at Pro-Honda so after that I will then get out and decide exactly what I want. I do understand that my first bike may be one that I end up wishing I hadn't got and will end up changing and upgrading it in a few years time. None the less this all excites me very much and have had a number of people suggest hitting the road for rides in the not too distant future.

    I am traditionally not hot…. less hot more cool…

    Thanks heaps

    Hi *Waves* I will no doubt see you around sometime
  14. Hey PocketRocket, I am also brand new to riding, and also in Brissy! I bought a Honda CB400. Bet you can't wait to get your training done so you can buy a new toy and start the learning curve for real :) I'm at that awkward "in-between" stage where I have passed my Q-Ride, so I'm technically allowed to ride my bike without supervision, but I don't think its the wisest idea for me just yet :)
    Do you have friends who ride that can take you under their wing?
    When you get your bike if you feel like company on a ride let me know!
  15. Hi, I am very excited lol. I have a few friends who want to ride together. I'll keep you posted with when and where
  16. You will pick up on the know how of bikes eventually. I did my Q-Ride at Pro Honda as well, Great place and the instructors are nice and informative.

    I have heard that Hyosungs have gotten better since adding EFI but I wouldn't recommend them just yet as their reliability is questionable.

    Once you pass your Q-Ride go around test riding some bikes and see what you like more.
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  17. I HAVE PASSED WAHOOOOO.... Now to test ride bikes...
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  18. Congratulations !
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  19. welcome fellow westie! have fun test riding!
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  20. Welcome to netrider :)