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Warning - don't park on soft ground!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Bjpitt, Feb 10, 2016.

  1. Given the great weather Melbourne has exerienced, I've seen lot's of new riders enjoying an afternoons ride.

    Now this has also lead me to see many new LAMS bikes parked with a center stand on soft ground! Riders, this will end in a bike taking a nap as the sidestand slowly digs in! Learn from those with experience...:banghead:

    If you choose to leave your bike parked on it's sidestand in the grass/dirt take 10 seconds to widen the sidestands footprint. Anything from a stick, to a coaster. You can make a coke can into a great sidestand base. Simply crush it from the top. I've seen guys who make a base, and tie a string to it so they can pick it up after they get on the bike.

    Oh, and also on days in the 40 degree and above region, do the above even on asphalt, it will melt.
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  2. Oops, I noticed I wrote "center" stand, apart from my spelling error, I was actually talking about the "side" stand.
  3. I've seen a bike sink in to the ground and get 'bogged' when it was in the centre stand. We had to effectively push the bike over to get it out.
  4. Yeah, but I think it's funny as hell and the bike remains undamaged. So I encourage people to use the centre stand on soft ground :ROFLMAO:
  5. Get yourself one of these and don't leave home without it
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  6. The foot of the stand on my bike is stupidly small, and have had quite a few near misses. So I found a bolt-on extender on eBay for $10 - cheap insurance.
  7. Not if you don't 'catch it".....
  8. I pulled up my driveway (after a morning of torrential rain) and parked up on the side stand where i always do on a patch of decent gravel to undo my gate after work. Just as i got the lock undone and swung the gate open in one majestic move........I see the baby blade gently lying itself down to have a nod. Bugger.