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Warning Don road is Shizzen

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by toar_rl, Nov 11, 2006.

  1. At the end of the black spur heading towards Melb, there is a turn off, Don Road (or something like that)... it starts of great, nice twisties but the turns into a gravel road, earlier that day i entered from the Mt Donna Buang side (which also turned into dirt road)

    Ended up stuck on this 30+ km path, few forbies past me and 2 trail bikes... big job cleaning up afterwards but it was an experience, If i didn't love my bike so much (and if i had full comp insurance) i would have rallied it, taken it sideways and the like. did a few times by accident


  2. shit anyone know how to ad pictures?
  3. dude, ride the bloody thing......
    it wont hurt it, and if it does, at least you were trying :?
  4. i started off at 40kmph but the started to purposely loose traction (nothing out of control) but i would love to have been able to test the limits of a K1 gixa thou on a dirt road
  5. when i visit the farm, there is around 20k's of dirt, its a bit hairy but no worries... there's even a creek crossing woohooooo!
  6. The gravel part of Don road is not fun. I accidently took Stookie through there when he was on the cruiser...from then on, he avoids gravel like the plague :shock: .
  7. Looks like you've tried adding a pic from your local drive. You need to have the pic posted somewhere on the internet , and then you post the url for the image location. In most browsers excluding ie6 you just click and hold on the image and pick the copy image location and post that between the img tags
  8. check these out (hopefully this works)



    Not Don road but same ride:

  9. The trouble with Don road is that it looks like a main road which you would think is sealed all the way (from Healesville to Yarra Junction or wherever it goes. They have a big green sign and it looks great at the start whichever end you take.
  10. No it shouldn't. There is nothing hazardous about this road. It's a gravel road, always has been. This road is in as good condition as it has ever been. It's much worse in winter (closed during snow). There are some great views to be seen from that road, and it's a nice shortcut from Healesville to Warby too (and a lovely run down Mt Donna Buang once you get back onto the bitumen.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong but Don Rd runs from Healesville to Launching Place and goes nowhere near Mt Donna Buang.

    You can turn off Don Rd onto Donna Buang road which is narrow, twisty and all gravel and used on occasion for Rally of Melbourne (as is Don Road).

    I think we are talking about Donna Buang Rd here more than Don Road having driven along DB Rd on many occasions when working n that part of the world.
  12. Yes looking at the map, there is a split into the rest of Don road, and then Mt donna buang road,

    the split wasn't as obvious and either way both a gravel roads,

    yes the gravel road is not unbareable but it was not what was expected, not all of us are great navigators and not all of us are willing to take unsealed roads so it is sorta a hazard

    i tightened up my suspension to for the twisties so little bumps were felt by my wrist...

    I know i'm just one big pussy but hey.. we're not all hard core motorbikers
  13. If you want to ride on bitumen when you get to the gravel you turn around and go back. Too simple. What was the problem?
  14. the problem was i didn't realise it would be a 30km ride, on the map there is a turn off and looks 10kms max
  15. nuffin wrong with gravel. kinda fun actually
  16. Ok i direct this comment only to supersport owners, this road is unseald and goes on for a bit so don't go it, for the rest of you, go for your life,

    if i had a 250 or something in a more upright position i'd hit this road and get sideways the whole way...

    so again for those with supersports who love their bikes don't try this road

  17. ...or, turn around when you get to the bitumen and go back and find another way. That road is clearly marked as being unsealed on every map I have.

    yeah,.. try this road instead..
    Bonang Hwy. 120km of fun.
  18. yeah i have to admit, these roads are pretty cool, but i'm fastidious with my chain and sprockets... so yeah spent like an hour getting all the dust out...