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Warning - DO NOT tell us the results of the MotoGP!!!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by mjt57, Apr 14, 2009.

  1. I am fuming.

    I'm stuck at work. I turned on the TV to watch the GP. But Ten Victoria is or was showing some stupid religous rubbish. Ten HD (It's not called "One" out here) is showing the usual "demonstration video".

    Therefore I was unable to watch it live. I had set my PVR to record it. But not knowing that it wasn't gonna be on I've recorded two hours of rubbish.

    Ten isn't replaying it on its SD channel.

    Fox Sports 1 is replaying it at 5.30pm tonight so I'll be watching it then. I would have recorded it on the Mystar (Austar pay TV's PVR) but before I went to work it hadn't updated the EPG so I didn't know which channel to record it on (it was eventually on FS1). And I couldn't ring the missus, waking her up just to record a race, for fear of personal mutilation.

    A pox on Ten and its goldfish too for its utter disregard for MotoGP fans.

    So, a word of warning. If anyone here headlines a post announcing the results of the race I hope that it's because you have a monumental death wish.

  2. I've accidentally seen the winner before seeing a delayed (live) broadcast as well, miffs me to no end. Means I can't risk seeing news websites until I see the broadcast as a few times the main picture on the front of theage website has a pic and headline of the winner (usually because of Stoner being Aussie).

    It's good that we are getting motogp to be broadcast live, just as you stated, need it to be broadcast to ALL Australians and I wish we had better commentators locally so I'm not 'forced' into watching overseas broadcast (which equates to quota/data used + paid for as extra to normal internet).

    There's my 7am rant done with :grin:
  3. The other forum I see you on, I thought my Mystar was ok. But it totally dropped the live race last night on FS3. What a piece of crap!

    Enjoy the race.
  4. Thats because they moved it to FS1, I kept checking last night till it came up.

    There is divorce proceedings going on here at home atm, me get's up this morning and in the process of getting my 1st coffee, the other half happy tells me who won :mad: :evil: , FFS woman did you not hear me last night saying I'm recording the race and was going to watch it b4 going to work So don't tell me who won if you find out in the mornings news !!
  5. Bugger. I set it from the Mystar menu. And when I tried setting a recording this morning for this PM's replay, it wouldn't allow that either.
  6. Melandri won on the Kawasaki ;-)
  7. Yeah, and I won the 250cc class on my ZZR.
  8. I commented to a friend at work about the fact it was delayed, and instantly got the response, yeah Blah Blah Won. He should get out of hospital before Christmas.

  9. That really is head slap material! :?
  10. I watched it live, and can tell you everything you need to know.
  11. Me too. I love the super high-speed internet over here! :grin:
  12. I'm lost. Did they show it on analogue or not?
    I set analogue recorder in the hope that the online guide was wrong (it almost always is!), checked this morning and it looked like I had some night racing recorded, so all good.

    Haven't watched it yet, and despite workmate blurting out result I will give it a look tonight. It seems that analogue had it, SD digital didn't and HD digital did. And Regional didn't. What a pack if f$%^&n' wallys.
  13. I woke up at 3:30 and that religious show was on, but soon after it the race started, I think it started at about 3:50ish...that's on analogue channel TEN.

    Either that or I was dreaming...

    phong =P~
  14. Don't need high speed internet to watch a 500k stream!

    BTW, what's the speed over there? And what cost? I know some parts of North America are good, but others are shocking.
  15. Thanks, Smee. Downloading it as I type. It's only got 5 seeders and a handful of peers, so it'll be here in around 15hrs. This is despite me being on DSL2+ and a 14mbit connection. Can't wait for Krudd's super duper internet freeway to be up and running, eh?
  16. Cough… Racingunderground cough
  17. But you need an invitation code to join. How does one get past this?
  18. It should speed up
    I got it in under 2 hours and boy the quality is superb as well!
  19. I'll download it now just in case:

    If anyone is struggling to download it let me know, then just use filezilla and you should be able to tap it from my pc here which should be truckloads faster than using a torrent. Shoot me a pm if you need to - the internet is lightning here!