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Warning:cop bike at toorak st+chapel st melb...40 over limit

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by melb_ourne, Oct 21, 2007.

  1. hi

    jsut got done at 80km at 40km limit at toorak rd.. i did even see the 40km sign... but that won't have stop me anyway. ;)

    he was nice enough to take it down to 64km...so $220 and 3 points.
  2. yeah maybe next time if there's no cop you can plow into a child, that might slow you down a bit
  3. Why is it a 40 zone on the weekend?
  4. It's a 40 zone always
  5. It's a high traffic shopping area.
  6. who says its a school zone?
  7. I think you said it, cos Expedite was just questioning the 40 zone on w/e. no mention of school zones.
    Just try and be safe around high populated areas, also sports fields on weekends. You never know when those ankle biters will jump out, hoping to get a nibble...
  8. Yup i was wondering why there was a 40 hour zone on the weekend, i didnt realise there was such a thing, dont know of any in the ACT or NSW is all. :)
  9. Chapel St is a high foot traffic shopping zone. It is speed limited due to the volume and nature of the pedestrain shopping zone area. The signs are similar to the school ones, in that they are red and flash brightly. Although the road was once a 60, it would now normally be a 50 and is a 40 due to the shopping strip. It was never an 80 zone.
  10. There are a number of shopping precincts moving this way. Whitehorse road in Balwyn is an example, Acland st St Kilda (30kph) is another.
  11. I know. Boronia has been that way for a couple of years now. Boronia ffs!
  12. Don't you blokes know that speed kills?
  13. Re: Warning:cop bike at toorak st+chapel st melb...40 over l

    it wouldn't have stopped you? glad you can waste 220 and 3 points :)
  14. You are bloody fortunate actually. The filth could have impounded your bike, if he wanted to.
  15. Rog, in that location, it can.

    If someone can't see a big flashing bloody sign with 40kmh all over it, perhaps 80kmh was too fast.
  16. Yeah, I was being facetious. If he had knocked over a richbitch Toorak Matriarch, her QC husband would be suing his ass right now, eh Cliffy
  17. Too true! But then again I'm going that way tonight to wait a film about Ian Curtis and the 'Joy Division' and wouldn't be all that happy either if someone came past at 80 odd.
  18. Awesome! Let us know what it is like...

    And watch out for the traffic!
  19. I think I know the ending already :p Not a happy man Mr Curtis :( And I might come out of the film too depressed to care about traffic :)
  20. We should obey the speeds, i dont question that. But when the hell are they going to educate fcukwits, and make them understand that you cant walk out in front of traffic no matter what the speed is.. :roll: