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***warning contains nudity****** How come we dont have advertisement like this ??

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by ONE, Apr 17, 2011.

  1. Not sure if this is aloud on this forum but im sure ive read netridere is 15+ so if this is not ok please delete it.

    Any way i came across this and pissed my self laughing awsome clip.


    Sory if this goes against forum rules.
  2. posted on here a couple of times :D it's awesome, hey?

    i love it :D
  3. **** the forum rule, that was awesome!
  4. lol yes Lc its dam good so whos coming to denmark with me i booked my ticket mwahahah
  5. Trent I was gonna complain about your false "nudity" advertising........lucky you the ending saved it :p.

    That was great! Moarrrrrr!
  6. bahhaa i promised and i deliver which is more than most politicans.
  7. as the Moderator of this section, I should do something about this, for 2 reasons.

    Firstly, it has been posted before.
    secondly, you lied. It has no nudity, just boobies.

    Please use the search function, and tell the bloody truth, before you post stuff like this again.
  8. Ease up, I think you can overlook this as it is a quality and saves you searching for where it was posted before. Admit it, you had another look. or 3.
  9. mmmmmmmmm boobies
  10. hmmm ya got me thinking
  11. You already have the cameltoe logo. We can all tell what you are thinking of.
  12. I don't know exactly what they're advertising, but I think I need to buy one...
  13. Implants, I think
  14. Nice blonde moment at the end!
  15. lots of chest puppies i luv to play with
  16. I guess you'll want one with a pink nose?
  17. I'll bet that Nickers wishes that he flew for THAT airline...
  18. Well if the usual relationship between advertising and reality holds, I don't think he'd give a shit either way...
  19. Not true!

    Pool girl at the end is nude :angel:
  20. Sory mvrog i was too excited once i had seen the vid and new that my netrider chums that hadnt seen this before needed too see it.
    I think the add is for some town over the border of denmark or some thing .
    Only one bloke claping whats wrong with these fools.
    Takamii whens your advertising campaign coming out i hope its as good as this one.