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Warning: breast cancer that does NOT show up in an X-ray

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Jaqhama, Jun 25, 2006.

  1. A long time nurse I know in the USA sent me this, asked me to forward it to people I knew.

    Mona said she had NEVER heard of this kind of breast cancer despite her years as a nurse.

    Pass along to family and friends.

    Cheers: Jaq.

  2. gees thats harsh will have to tell the better half tonight
  3. Okay, I can deal with the fact that we don't know much about it.
    (as an aside, viruses kill more people each year, and we can't even cure the simplest of viruses, but nobody is complaining)

    But there was no need to go badmouthing nurses just because they didn't know about it.
    That would be like me talking to you guys about prion disease, (mad cow's is a form of prion disease) expecting you to know about it, and getting pissed off when you didn't.

    It is very worrying that such a thing can exist.

    It seems like we find the very worst that can happen to a human being, start working to fix it, then something ten times worse comes along and ruins everything.

    This is why i'm going to be a med-head.
  4. Bah, I cant get it to play :(
  5. neither ;/
  6. Who bad mouthed nurses?

    A nurse sent it to me?

    Vic and Skeeo...it uses some player I have not seen before...downloaded all right for me at work.

    I don't have it in any other media format.
  7. Sure can, just vote him out at the next election......

  9. The page opens and then freezes, it wont do anything.

    Guess I'll not see it. A well.......
  10. Gotta use Internet Exploder... Don't work in FireFox on my peecee, but does in IE
  11. It did that in firefox for me, but it worked in IE