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Warning about a certain motorcycle transport company

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by zRoYz, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. I'm more a lurker here & this isn't the best first post but I view the events outlined bellow are important enough to make my first post. I'm not up to speed about rules on this site about naming names so have left out the company name until clarification it can be posted. I don't wish any fellow motorcyclist to go through the events that took place bellow as it's bad enough as is trusting somebody else with your pride & joy.

    There are always two sides to a story but in this case my side of the story is more than enough of a warning to steer clear of this company if you expect service & to be treated like a customer that pays money for a service. If your a person that doesn't mind being abused then by all means use them.

    I will start this tale of unbelievable events from the start:
    I sold my VFR about one month ago to a fellow who lives in Melb sight unseen, only from the photo's & knowing about my net presence on forums especially the VFR forum which was enough for him to have full faith in buying the bike.

    Well he had to arrange transport from Syd to Melb & found a company who were the cheapest quote but had to wait a month for them to be able to transport bike. My home received a phone call at 8.30am Sunday morning about picking up the bike today & my daughter answered the phone as I had already left for a ride & she informed them to ring me in an hour. My daughter rung me to let me know & at about 9.30am the company rung me on my mobile. I informed them I wasn't at home & wouldn't be home until after 5pm & was then informed in a rude way well you will have to wait another month, to which I stated, not my problem as bike is paid for & ringing on a Sunday morning to pick up a bike on a Sunday is your fault as most do things monday to friday. I was then told they would ring back which they did & was told yes after 5pm would be fine & I again expressed the fact I wouldn't be home till after 5pm & have two friends who were with me as prove of that clarification. I also had new owner ring me who I also told same story so he was in the loop & he apologized for late notice but said the company wouldn't ring me for due warning when he asked them.

    On my way home at 3.45pm I get a phone call from my daughter distressed about some guy carrying on about picking up the bike & it not being ready so I tell her to give him the phone so I can spk to him. This person did nothing but abuse me so I told him to f$%k off & hung up then rung my daughter again. My daughter then told me he called me a f$%king prick to her face & was waiting out the front (she is 14). I raced home & he is waiting out front so I proceed to get the bike out for shipping thinking I'm making a mistake & before I let him take it will find out what his problem is. While sitting on the bike I say to him "do you have a attitude problem" & he starts abusing me again to the point of physical threats & I'm not joking. I then tell him to go away he isn't taking bike & he forcefully takes the key but while sitting on the bike I have hold of his shirt which ripped in 1/2 & then needed to duck a punch while still sitting on the bike.

    I get off the bike & tell him have another go (he is bigger than me so thinks I will fold with threats, unfortunately he doesn't know me) & keeps up with his threats & sprouting I don't own bike & he can take it. At this time he also rings police saying because his shirt ripped he would have me charged. I then ring new owner who I explain quickly things to & hand this guy the phone who then starts carrying on at this guy who tells him to give me key back which he still refuses to do. He then gets in his truck with the key but two can play that game & I grab his wallet from the truck door & tell him you want wallet back give me key. He still threatens me but buy this time wont do physical stuff as my wife has his truck details & he himself who rung the police knows there coming. I go inside my home & he trespasses & demands his wallet & again I say no problem give me the key which he then does & I give him wallet. He even shoved my wife who was near door way & if police weren't on there way things would have started right then but better to have the law on your side these days as have been on the wrong end of the law stick before even with just cause.

    He then goes back to his truck & sits there & police arrive so we let him rant at them staying away as this guy would dig his own hole. The police then come to talk to me & I explained above story & was asked do I want him charged. I wanted to but just not worth the paperwork & time so said I would be happy enough if they just told him to piss off which they did & then came back to us. They then stayed till he left & gave me an event number & there names if any thing else happens.

    Now can you really believe all above happened with a company you pay money to for a service & it's not just the pick up guy as the fellow in Melb who is there client also was abused by this guy when he rung him again to say leave the bike he didn't want him to touch it. Then he was again abused by company receptionist/contact when he rung to cancel job after all above had happened because he didn't want these people near his bike. He also was still on phone & could hear guy carrying on at me after he had told him to give key back & leave bike so new I wasn't exaggerating one bit.

    Update to top this all off my wife finds a deliberate key scratch in my Monaro drivers side door which wasn't there last time car was driven & hadn't been driven anywhere all weekend. I can't prove it but very strange how after above there is a key scratch right above the door handle, again people can make there own conclusions.

    Update 22/07 the company is "The Bike Movers" based in Melb.

    [edit] Title edited to avoid confusion

  2. Hell of a story bud. I would of done my nut when he spoke to my daughter in that manner, so you did well to hold it together till the po-po arrived. My hats off to them too for seeing through his bullshit.

    Name em and shame mate, f&*k em.
  3. There is a preferred partner for this site called motorbike transport, when I saw your thread I thought you were meaning them (I hope it's not) the dealings I had with them for a pre purchase inspection were the complete opposite of your story... if it's not them maybe alter the threads title a little as it kind of sounds like you mean them.
  4. name and shame so it doesnt get confused with any other
  5. It isn't any of these

    * Bikenut
    * Bikeway Motorcycle Transport
    * Easy Trailer
    * Freightmoves Pty Ltd
    * GN Racing - Motor bike transport
    * MotorbikeTransport.com.au
    * Motorcycle Logistics
    * Steelhorse Transport
  6. This is the same one you posted (and got removed) the other day Paul?

    Naming and shaming is always dodgy if there is any hint that the story may not be true.
  7. err, read the OP, this is HIS story, told by him.

    and he hasn't named anyone, (although I know the name in question from the other forum)
  8. Never mind Paul, I know you know what I mean, :wink:
  9. I didn't name the culprit, the OP did in his post, which I cut/pasted in toto, (but I know what you mean)

    only 8 people saw it before it was moved

    anyways, the culprit is not one of Netrider's supporters

    and, as I said at the time, the OP is not just known to me through the local forum but is known to me personally, and I have no reason to doubt the story, as shocking as it is...

    I'm just waiting for someone to come on and say it's hearsay this time :roll:
  10. np Paul.
  11. I still reckon you should go them for trespass or whatever the cops will let you charge them with, since they keyed your car.
  12. Oh, and there's no point to a thread like this if you're not going to name the business involved.
  13. Firstly being my first post but I'm a paid member I wasn't 100% sure if naming operator was allowed (I did read through forum rules & didn't see anything clear on that subject). I didn't want a flame war on naming operators to detract from the validity of my post so people might think it was just sour grapes. As you are a mod of this site & have made the above comment I will name the company at that request.

    The company is "The Bike Movers"

    I will also edit first post with company name so no confusion. I also apologize for placing post initially in incorrect forum as wasn't to sure were it should be placed so thank you to mods for moving it to correct forum.
  14. master of understatement :LOL:
  15. Rrrrriiiggght!

  16. Guess they don't move Yamahas :(
  17. Talk about confusing.. are you sure Bike Movers and Motorbike Transport are not one and the same company?

    On motorbiketransport . net . au it clearly says in the opening line...

    Welcome to our Australia's Leading Motorcycle Transport Services and Motorbike Transporter - The Bike Movers web site - 1300-Bike-Move!
  18. [​IMG]

  19. Code:
    We are motorcycle riders and owners, with over 45 years combined experience transporting motorcycles.  

    45 years my arse, dodgy bros bike movers more like it