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Warning 4WD Wheel Failure *Update*

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by 2wheelsagain, May 13, 2008.

  1. Warning for 4WD owners.
    This is a current hazard alert for my workplace (VIC Statewide) and I thought it may be of interest to NR as well.

    In the past two weeks we have three Toyota Landcruiser rims split, one on MBXXXX and two on MBXXXX.
    The rims don't split in a catastrophic manner but do gradually deflate over a period of about an hour.
    The suspect rims can be identified by a red and green and red and blue pinstripe, are a Speedy Desert Rat and have a rating of 1226kg stamped on the inside of the rim along with the country of manufacture. Majority are made in Taiwan.

    Our vehicles with these wheels have been stood down until further notice.

  2. I did it, cos I am on a personal mission to get 4wd,s off the roads.
  3. Re: Warning 4WD Wheel Failure

    No surprises there.
    Why would anyone want to skimp on something as important as wheels.
  4. Re: Warning 4WD Wheel Failure

    Because a lot of the time der shiny an hektik maaate!
  5. M plates, so which state gov Dept would this be affecting.

    Hope they pass it on to other government fleets around the country.
  6. Re: Warning 4WD Wheel Failure

    Apparently this style of Desert Rat wheel is made in several countries.
  7. Re: Warning 4WD Wheel Failure

    Yes, but are any of those countries ones that produce decent quality products.
  8. Yeah, we've got a similar alert on the centres pulling out of Chinese made white 8-spokes.

    Made me all nostalgic for my old Land-Rover on which a combination of SWB wheels on a LWB Forward Control and habitual massive overloading, split two rims and pulled out one centre when it cracked through the stud holes :shock: .
  9. Brazilians produce good waxes apparently :eek: :LOL:

    There's a few other countries too. Cant answer specifically JD.

    We ordered them with specific load ratings. They should have been up to the job but obviously are not.

    Not justifying a Gvt decision on what was purchased. Had nothing to do with me. I just use the tools provided.

    Just posted as a service to all others on NR who drive 4WD for a living or recreation.
  10. Re: Warning 4WD Wheel Failure

    Taiwan is where Sidchrome tools are made...
  11. Re: Warning 4WD Wheel Failure

    Which is why they're no better than the cheap Chinese ones.
  12. Oh, I dunno.

    I've got a 30 yo Taiwanese lathe and compared to its current Chinese descendants it's a thing of beauty as far as fit and finish are concerned. It's more accurate than I'm capable of measuring too.

    My Chinese milling machine, on the other hand...... :evil: .......makes a decent pillar drill (after cleaning all the casting sand out of it and replacing the tiny smear of panda snot in the spindle bearings with lashings of proper grease).
  13. Was obviously good enough to convince you to buy it though - so it's served it's purpose ;).
  14. Well, it was better value than a completely worn out Bridgeport with a telephone number price tag, which is about the only other alternative West of the Nullabor :evil: .

    Those of us with a need (want :grin: ) for cheap machine tools are not well served in WA.
  15. Re: Warning 4WD Wheel Failure

    I dispute that, based upon experience and broken pieces of metal.

    Chinese quality will be as good as it wants to be.
    The Chinese are getting into mining equipment in a pretty big way, they even do jacks for long-walls now.
    At last years AIMEX I was informed by one of the reps for the manufacturers of the TOOLS used to make mining equipment, that the Chinese are getting their act together. They know their quality is an issue, so they are overcoming it: whereas the Germans know their cost is an issue... so they're working to reduce that.

    When this guy sells the respective companies the tools to make their equipment; the Germans buy something a little bit cheaper to help keep them competitive. The Chinese buy the absolute best and most expensive that they can.

    Their quality will only get better.
  16. Re: Warning 4WD Wheel Failure

    I dispute your dispute - based on the lengthy study my former Metallurgy lecturer conducted on handtools :p. Sidchrome was better than some cheap Chinese tools, but was also worse than some cheap Chinese tools. Interestingly an old Australian made Sidchrome performed better than the lot.

    As for Chinese mining equipment the only reason it has a market at the moment is because of the 3-5 year waiting period for quality components - though many companies are recycling equipment that was previously junked rather than buy new Chinese products. Those that do buy the Chinese equipment will often dismantle it completely and replace as many key components as possible before putting it into service. Chinese electric motors in particular are notoriously unreliable (and in mining downtime can often cost more than the equipment itself).
  17. They're sunrasiers which are well known to be cheap shit wheels.
  18. The size and functionality play a part in a tool's 'quality' whatever the grade of steel involved.

    In any case: I was merely pointing out that Made in Taiwan = shit is not an absolute.
  19. Dunno about the big stuff, but having had to remove an incandescent and smoking motor from the back of the aforementioned mill, in order to get it outside before it stank out/burned down the workshop, I can identify with that :grin: .
  20. So how does making a spanner heavier and bulkier to compensate for the deficiencies of the steel used make it better quality?