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Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' at netrider.net.au started by JAAS, Dec 14, 2010.

  1. 24/7 Roadservices they are called and are well priced compared to the NRMA. But thats is where it stops.

    I found these guys in the net and was keen to give them a go as I always felt the NRMA held a bit of a monopoly in the road side assist area.

    I signed myself and my GF's bikes up-to the service and all was well.

    First time I needed to use them I was on the Princess Highway and needed some fuel, but because I was over 20 km from one of their service trucks I ended up having to pay and extra $70 to a NRMA guy they found who did bring out the fuel to me. From my first phone call until I was mobile again took almost 3 hours. Can't find this in their small print.

    Second time, my GF scooter wont start, it turns over, is full of fuel but just doesn't start. So I call up, I get a very unhelpful lady this time.

    I should say the first time I called up the lady I spoke with was very helpful but was limited with what she was able to do because of guidelines she had to follow.

    So this gal tells me I can either have the scooter towed or have their guy have a look and see if he can fix it. But I can't have both, one call-out per problem.

    So I must choose between guessing if the guy they send out can fix the scooter or have it towed to my local and pay them to fix it. They refuse to have a look to see if it can be quickly fixed and if it can't then tow the thing.
    Can't find this in their small print either.

    So I call back and ask them to tow the scooter to my local, 5 km up the road, I give her the name of the shop, the street its on but I need to give the exact street number as-well, after a few heated words she agrees to google the address and enter it instead of me doing exactly that and calling her back again. AAARRRRRR. ](*,)

    So all I can say is you get what you pay for, don't use these guys if you can afford the NRMA instead. I won't be renewing any of my bikes or my car with these scumbags again.
  2. Very helpful post JAAS (y)
    Glad you got to where you had to in the end.
  3. Sorry but NRMA's roadside assist is plain ****ing shit.

    They cancelled the bike truck heading out to me because the guys got stuck in traffic and didn't want the job.

    They didn't tell me, or the NRMA ute that stopped to talk to me.
  4. so in NSW what are the assistant programs available ?
  5. I'm told NRMA stands for No Real Mechanic Available :rofl:
  6. Speaking for Victoria, I have nothing but praise for RACV Total Care, as well as a little guilt for how much I've cost them in recent years.

    An alternative is to invest in a trailer, if there's a car available to you.
  7. I have had good experience with NRMA mechanics, including one that got me going when my fuse box melted on my old VFR.
  8. Damn right, those guys are awesome.

    A bloke I was talking to from Bacchus Marsh was towed from central Australia, somewhere near Timber Creek, after he drove his F250 through a river (halfway through anyway) to Katherine and put up in a motel and given a hire land cruiser by the RACV with almost zero cost to him.

    With Total Care (around $170 a year) you are covered no matter who drives your specified car or bike, and also for any car or bike that you are driving (including bikes).
  9. Total Care is $191pa, but if you're an RACV member it goes down depending how long you've been one. Might look into it for my cranky old car and then i'm covered for the bike as well...
  10. I think there's an age limit (vehicle not driver so Hornet and a fe wother would be safe) for Total Care coverage.
  11. MattB's stable bike is a '78.
  12. They appear to have more exclusions and "out" clauses than any thing else.
    If you choose to use their services then make sure you are in town...

    (1.10 There may be rare instances where a service provider is not available to assist you (remote areas). In these instances you will be required to arrange your own rescue or recovery at your own expense.)
    Definition of a remote area??
    Even NRMA will make a phone call etc on your behalf and assist in finding assistance.(even when you are driving a non covered vehicle ie motor home) as long as you are a member with other vehicles.

  13. I'm paying mine this week. I think its $169.
    It coveres any vehicle you are riding/driving.
  14. My roadside assist costs nothing because i ride a Honda :)
  15. Mate that is tempting fate 8-[
  16. another one here with great praise for RACV, the road side assist was always quick and effortless and always easy to deal with.

    Can also highly recommend them for insurance too.