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Warming Up

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Bravus, May 28, 2007.

  1. Just thinking as I was reading the 'Complaints' thread, about neighbours with noise complaints about bikes. How much warming up do modern bikes really need? I know I live in Brisbane so it's less cold, and drive a Honda so it's more reliable :)p) but the Spada basically starts first spin every morning (except the very coldest) and I usually ride straight off, albeit gently for the first half a k or so to get the oil circulating. Is it *really* necessary to start most bikes up on choke and leave them warming up, pissing off the neighbours, for 5 min or more?

  2. 5 mins might be bit excessive, choke until it sounds fairly smooth, ride it gently until its warm. If your neighbours have a problem, talk to them about it, describe its your passion, your not doing it to annoy them, and that the noise levels are acceptable, and also ask them what times are least suitable for them, and say you will try to avoid starting up then.

    Excessive idling can be detrimental.
  3. I always let mine warm up for a few minutes. Usually start the bike, light a smoke and soon as im done with that, im away.

    I find warming up on the hyo an absolute must! The thing is gutless enough as it is without being cold and losing more power.
  4. my bike is carburateur not fuel injected and it will not run properly without a good warm up. I'm the only one who knows how to start it without using the choke, and i try and keep my warm up to the bear minimum.
    there's a nice old bloke next door who complained once and i explained it to him and he's cool with it. he even says he likes the sound.
    any problems with the other neighbours, then I'll have a polite chat and explain that if it's not warm then it wont move so i'm sorry mate but you don't have to listen to it often, are you gonna give me a lift to work?, plus your little sh*t kids wake me up earlier on my day off, and when you and your toothless husband have a drunken stoned domestic in the street on the night before an exam i don't whinge do I???? so if they have an attitude after that then f*ck em.
  5. i let my bike warm up for 5 mins before i head out. i hear its good for the bike
  6. I like to warm up my bike. During summer, I never really needed to warm up my bike that much. Now with the colder nights, I give it about a minute or so.
  7. My bike has an automatic choke. I have no choice but to let it decide when it's ready. Usually it takes about 3 min then the revs drop to idle. :)
  8. That's it, all things being equal buy a bike off a smoker over a non-smoker. Mine's always warmed up for around 7 minutes :grin:
  9. yep, i let the sv1000 warm up every morning..... i feel sorry for my neighbours though having a 1000cc twin (with aftermarket pipes) running at 6.30 in the morning.....but i am lucky as the people next door are landscapers and normally leaving at the same time as me :p (not happy about them looking at selling up though) :mad:
  10. Warming up bike is a must for me, even though shes in the garage all night. I was always taught thats what needed to be done to prolong engine life and ensure your bike wont stall when you least need it to. It only takes about two minutes with a little choke while I put my riding gear on and off we go!!
  11. the Suzuki M50 is fuel injected, and I just wait until the idle settles, which is just about the time it takes to shut the garage door, put on the helmet and gloves.
  12. Hmm I wonder if your warming up of the bike is part/whole reason of them moving? :p
  13. nah just laterly it's become known to them that rowville is on a falut line and we often get tremers every about the same time every morning (unless i sleep through the alarm clock) :LOL: .... i mean they are that bad that it rattles the windows in my house :LOL: :wink:
  14. the VTR250 isn't a fan of the cold.

    I normally let it warm up until it is running smoothly. This usually requires liberal use of the choke at start-up.

    What I have noticed, however, is that when I have the opportunity to ride on consecutive days, it requires little to no choke and very little in the way of warm-up. I suspect that if I used it to commute, she'd start first time, every time. It is, after all, a Honda :grin:
  15. DAMN 4 strokers. :LOL: :LOL:
    I sit there blipping the throttle for a fair while untill temp reaches 55 degrees.
    Neighbours are good and dont mind, but then i dont do it a 6am. :grin: :grin:
    I dont want a cold seizure.
  16. Gear on. Start & go. No warm up with me. Just ride easy for a few minutes.
  17. The greatest engine wear occurs in the first 5-10 mins. I always warm my bike to 75deg before moving and then gently slowly for about 15 mins.

    I plan on keeping this bike, even if I buy a brand new one. If I was buying new and trading every 2 years which I used to do, then just ride it, won't be your problem when its got a few km on it
  18. No need for a warm up on any modern four stroke. Start, run it till it will maintain an idle, and move off quietly. If your bike won't take throttle when cold, get it tuned up.
    The engine warms up much faster with a little load and rpms on it, better for it than having it idle away, chains flapping around, pistons and rods unloaded etc.
    And the whole "takes a few minutes for oil to get to the head" is urban myth. If it takes that long, your rod and main bearings are already gone!
    Two strokes are much teh same, except they are guaranteed lubrication as soon as the engine fires, and with choke, they get even more lubrication. No chance of a seize up if ridden quietly here either.
    Warming up is a hangover from air cooled engines...........

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. use the choke, as soon as the engine picks up a bit ride down the road and let her run for a couple of minutes on the stand still where no one will wake up. otherwise, get fuel injection.
  20. If you're like me (old bike; steep drive up) warming up is critical! I leave it until it is burbling happily with no choke - if it can't get up my drive smoothly it needs more time to wake up!