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Warmer weather bringing day trip drivers to the backroads

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by waedwe, Aug 24, 2009.

  1. Just noticed over the last few days, since it has warmed up the return of the day trippers in cages taking the scenic route, eyes glued to the gps on roads they are not accustomed to driving.
    Example 1 today i am waiting at a intersection for a car to pass http://tinyurl.com/ridge-rd-tourist-drive , he is looking down, not concentrating, whether he got a gps call to turn right and didnt see the road as it's a little hidden or just thought he could take the corner without braking i don't know, but he obviously wasn't concentrating and with me there he couldn't make the corner and slid right across the intersection in front of me from left to right and almost ended up in the tree's.
    I shake my head and ride on around him noticing the increased traffic and people unfamiliar with smaller twistier backroads travelling around looking at scenery travelling over the centre line, basically looking anywhere but where they are going i was extra wary, which came in handy on my way home when coming round this blind corner http://tinyurl.com/kangaloon i find a driver doing a 3 point turn looking obviously lost, luckilly i was able to pull up in time and didn't t-bone into them, e-braking practice pays off folks.
    this is basically less of a vent cause these idiots didn't spoil my great days riding, it's more of a timely reminder that they are out and about now, unfamiliar a lot of the time with where they are going or local conditions so be wary and have fun

  2. Same in Vic this weekend, too. The sun brought out the usual procession of imbeciles on the Spur. Even worse this year as they stare about looking at the fire damage. You have to be more than usually careful around Kinglake and Marysville.
    Headed off deeper into the boonies and all was much better. Cyclists on nearly every twisty hill road but they caused me no dramas at all.
  3. a thread on this topic starts earlier and earlier every year.
  4. Yep they're on he prowl on Mid North Coast NSW as well. Had one looking backwards over his shoulder as he drove straight at me on my side of a narrow road. Caught up with him at a rest stop and let all four tyres down for him. Hope he enjoyed the rest of his trip.

    Ps "Congratulations to the MIGHTY SOUTH SYDNEY RABBITOHS premiers for season 2009" ...................... 2010 perhaps
  5. Global warming :grin:
  6. I do find it interesting:

    Riders complain about cars wondering over the line.

    Cars complain about riders wondering over the line.

    The difference, in most cases the cars are driving sedately and the bike riders are hooning. :eek:
  7. It's not just the fair weather drivers who come out but there is a fair share of fair weather riders out there as well.
  8. Excellent point..... They are our worst enemies.
  9. Why :? ?