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Warm weather gear ideas

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by GordyBee, Sep 14, 2016.

  1. hey all, I'm new to OZ and just getting back into riding. I've recently picked up a 2011 ZX6R but have only got my kit for London (great for cold or wet weather).

    Looking at getting some decent gear for everyday riding in the summer. Any surggestions on jackets, pants would be amazing.

    I've just picked up a pair of vented Alpinstar gloves and the Alpinestar faster 2 vented boots :)
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  2. It depends on how strictly you adhere to the mantra of All The Gear All The Time.

    I have a RST Pro Series full vented jacket that works well in all but the hottest of conditions (over 35c). Pants, in summer I just wear jeans. When it's over 30 I wear a long sleeve shirt with a leather vest and ride accordingly.
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  3. Dri rider air ride 3 jacket. Full vents. Awesome for warm weather
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  4. Ok, you're in Queensland and you're from London. The summer heat there is going to hurt you till you get used to it. Mid 30s is normal, not a heat wave.

    Ventilated gear all the way. If you're anal about ATGATT get vented pants as well as a vented jacket. If you're planning on riding any distance in actual heat get a Camelbak as well to keep hydrated because you will lose fluid at a significant rate in the heat no matter how often you stop, and think about riding with a wet scarf around your neck as well.
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  5. This. I'll add to it, by a second bladder for the camelbak (or whatever brand of water carrying thing you buy). What I do when it's hot is I fill one up and freeze it, the other I quarter fill and freeze it. then in the morning I top the quarter filled one with cold water and the full frozen one goes in the ventura bag. I've found that come mid afternoon the one on my back is either empty or quite warm, but the frozen one will have all but thawed and still be nice and cold.

    Also, when it is hot, wet your shirt/jacket/pants periodically through the day, it helps to keep you cool.
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  6. Great advice and defo something i'll be doing once it warms up. thanks B12Mike
  7. That's me that Dark AngelDark Angel is describing. :D

    I'm a fan of Olympia gear that I bought online from a shop in Canberra, but I can't find the link at the moment.
    MotownMotown did a review a little while ago. Hopefully this link will work - Review: Olympia Airglide 3 Mesh Tech Overpant

    Like him I wear the over pants to protect work clothes on the daily commute. However, I've also done some riding in outback NSW, SA and NT. You really need to be able to regulate your temperature across the day from cold early starts to baking afternoons. Vented, multi-layered gear that still carries a reasonable level of protection is worth the money. Part of the protection you'll be looking for is sun protection.

    Have fun.
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  8. Keep the great advice and gear recommendations coming! I'm a recent UK to Aus mover too (spent over 10 years living there) so thinking about some hot weather gear to add to my kit. My winter gloves are starting to get a bit too toasty, haha!
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  9. Mankini for the men, Bikini for the women, just remember to wear your appropriately approved helmet and lots of sunscreen everywhere else.:D
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  10. Seeing as how I'm from Darwin and we get 30+ temps all year round with extreme humidity during the wet and yep I'm ATGATT my daily jacket is a Berik Airflow leather, being fully perforated it's actually quite cool while moving, will cook you if stopped for any length of time. Draggin jeans, Dri-rider Air Ride gloves and Rossi boots. On the longer rides I wear a Klim Latitude vented jacket, BMW City pants, BMW Air Flow gloves or in the southern states BMW Pro Winter gloves and close the Klim's vents up lol. A good well vented helmet also helps, I also wash the helmet liner at least weekly up here during the wet season. Hydration is crucial at all times, general rule of thumb up here when riding is if you're not peeing about every hour then you're dehydrated!
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  11. Just move to Victoria and continue to use your gear...
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  12. far to cold in the winter buddy!!!!