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Warm up advice needed for 07 VL250

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Antiwarclan, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    Hope you guys have a great day.

    Apologise that this topic being discussed couple of time, but I need specific advice on this bike. Please do not flame me.

    I owned a VL250 and due to the cold weather, it's been like a disaster for me every morning. Here is how I warm my bike before we hit the road.

    1. Pull the manual choke to the max for 1 or 2 seconds.
    2. Then I'll turn it to half so that it can settle.

    The problem is in Step 2, the bike will turn off by itself (I think is because its too cold) and I have to start it again. Eventhough it did turn off at step 2, it will turn off while I'm riding it! so I have to turn the throttle on when I'm stopping to keep it alive! eventually, It will be ok after 10-15mins of riding.

    Is that normal for this type of bike? Can anyone share some experience of how to effectively warm the bike before hitting the road?

    Thanks for your viewing and advice.
  2. clean your carburetor, replace your fuel lines, clean your petcock.
    or it might be an electric issue.
  3. Rev it a bit/hold the throttle open while you're moving it to 2. Do you ride with the choke on?
  4. Leave choke out for a few minutes then halfway for 5 min then turn choke off. Warm up takes 5-10 min.
    Your bike is warm at operating temp not 2 min after starting.
    My bike idles on full choke for 5 min before I turn it down.
  5. Are you on drugs !
  6. well he says it cuts out when he's riding.
    edit: just saw that he says it's ok after 10-15min of riding, disregard my previous posts.
  7. Revving the bike when cold is bad for the engine.
    Riding without warming up is bad
    Keeping finger on starter for Ages is bad for spark plugs.
    If bike runs fine after 15 min the you not warmed it up long enough.
    Carbie bikes need user input.
    Efi bikes have a computer controlled system to do that stuff

    I turn bike on with full choke for a couple of minutes, then half choke then I go get my bike gear on. Jacket, pants and helmet.
    Cold engines need love too ;)
  8. yeah I start the bike up with full choke, put it to half choke after a few seconds. start putting gear on. the bike will smoothen out, then start to miss a bit. it's at this point that I turn the choke off. go back to putting gear on, once I'm finished I hop on, open the throttle to WFO and close it quickly. if the bike doesn't stall or bog, I start to ride it gently. if it stalls, I start it back up and let it warm up for a bit longer. then I start to ride it gently. After about 10 minutes I'm more heavy handed with the throttle.
    now this may or may not be correct for everyone but it's what works for me and my bike. I've had no complaints from the engine (other than stalling when cold with the throttle WFO).
  9. So the bike stops when you turn down choke after 2 seconds. So don't turn down the choke after two seconds. After two seconds you can probably put your tongue on the exhaust and not get burnt. (Maybe you can't I wouldn't know - feel free to try it) You can definitely put your tongue on the cylender head and not get burnt. Your bike will not get warm in two seconds.

    If after giving it a bit longer on full choke ( or however much is needed to start the bike) you find the revs begin to climb then you can turn down a bit.

    Basically your bike will start differently in winter to summer and you need to experiment to find out what works.
  10. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm new to the motorcycling and got no experience about this. I guess we got to start somewhere.

    I ride this morning, The exhaust gave me burst kind of sound and I throttled up and it's like trying very to move, then the smell of burning rubber. Since then I noticed that the exhaust got low "Pop" kind of sound. Is that sth wrong? As I'm heading to Bike N Bits tomorrow morning, I think I'll get them to have a look at it.
  11. Going on your two posts about this, I'd say yeah 1st problem = not warming up long enough, in cold weather I have to sit on my VTR and constantly adjust both choke and throttle position till it is warm enough to idle without input from me. ( then I finally put helmet and gloves on and ride off ) on <5deg days would take anything up to 10mins easy.

    2nd prob sounds like a backfire and running rich.
    Did you fully turn the choke off this morning ?

    What fuel are you putting in it ?
    or premium98 ?
  12. Doesn't using your choke so often risk fouling up the plugs?

    I start mine every morning & manually hold the throttle at about 2-2 & a half grand, then after a few seconds let it go & finish putting on my gear so after about a minute or so its warmed up.
  13. Only if you run full choke to warm up for a 5min ride before shut down,
    Normal operating temps and a good 20min run [ even in traffic ] should burn off any residue.
  14. VTRBob

    I'm using 95 and has recently changed my spark plug. I never ride the bike with the choke on.
  15. What those guys said. Basically, leave the choke on until it starts to run worse... then take choke off and it should run better. Thats a basic and extreme way of finding what you can get away with, though, and you will eventually get a feel for what she likes. Bikes are very variable in this regard - my Honda XR600R only likes choke in stone-cold weather and only for maybe 10 seconds maximum, but my CBR250R used to like a bit of choke for takeoff.

    If you can't find a happy, consistent routine (ie 2 blocks, 5 minutes, that first set of lights etc) for warming her up then I'd get her checked out. I'm guessing you aren't particularly mechanically inclined so the best thing would be to book it in and have a service done, giving them instructions that the bike seems to have carburettor problems.

    Cheers - boingk
  16. Thanks Boingk for the advice. Got an appointment tomorrow for the brake so will get them check on the carburettor as well.
  17. Best thing is to start the bike before you have any of your kit on. ie helmet gloves so forth.
    That way you are not so impatient to get on it and ride before it has has the slightest chance to warm up.
    Give it full choke and fire it up. Put all your gear on then cut it down to half. Ride it too the end of the street on half then just click it right in.
  18. Thanks everyone for the advice. Able to warm up my bike successfully and has a great ride to work this morning.

    Thanks for the advice.
  19. What would you guys suggest is the maximum rpm allowed during the warming up idling phase?
    I had a similar problem on my 250 hornet yesterday but I was turning it to half choke because it was idling at just over 2000rpm which seemed excessive for a cold engine.
    Now I think about it, is that normal for a 250cc 4cyl bike?

  20. Thats fine, thats just how things are with a tiny engine.

    The best thing for engine longevity probably isnt going to be how you go about the warm up phase, its probably the oil. A good low viscosity (maybe 0w-40, 5w-30, 0w-30 etc) synthetic will remain on the major surfaces and it wont be an issue if the motor goes to 2k rpm on a stone cold engine.

    For reference my old across would go to 4k rpm on choke.
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