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Warm Tires

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by sonicbaz, May 15, 2006.

  1. HI, I know there are many variables but on average how longs does it tend to take to get warm tires? Does a bit of weaving help quicken this process?

    I've been assuming the tires would be warm by the time my engine is warm.


  2. Tyre temperature is dependant on the amount of friction generated from acceleration/braking. 'Warm tires' are a product of this, and it depends on the type of riding you are doing to warm up. A crawl out of the city will see your engine toasted, but your tires still cold.

    Weaving is debateable, a quick search of this Netrider will bring up lots of threads doing so.

    I'm considering something like this


    To take the guess work out of the whole process.
  3. The time it takes to warm your tires, depends on

    -surface type
    -tyre type (even pattern, as a tire with lots of grooves will move around alot more and generate heat faster)
    -tyre rubber compound
    -ambient temp
    -heat leaking from brakes etc (may not be such an issue with bikes though)
    -how hard the tire is being pushed
    -how much cornering and braking is being done
    -weight of rider and bike
    -riding style

    As you will find with race tires, even after a few slow laps the tires will go cold and loose grip. Probbaly the biggest factors are how much you are getting up it and the tyre type.

    A touring tyre in tassy in the middle of winter commuting on a 250cc with a 40kgs rider, may never get warm, while a sport tyre, in cairns in summer on a cbr1000 etc and a 90 kg rider in the hills going hard may eb warm in 5 to 10 mins.
  4. i only notice my tyres are super sticky and warm after about 10mins in the hills. for me to get to the hills takes me about 30mins from my house and then going thru the twisties med-hard for a good 10mins. i can really feel the stickiness or the tyres and thats when i can go hard. tyres dont get full warm temp just from riding around. need to go hard around corners and brake hard to get it up to heat.
    i got GPR70s on my zx.
  5. I read an article not long ago on the weaving bit and they did some tests at a track and the weaving actually let the tyre cool down.
  6. Weaving could be useful for cleaning the tyres after riding through mud etc, but it's near useless for trying to build temp into motorcycle tyres. You're better off just riding in a straight line.

    Weaving works with cars as the contact patch is nearly always across the entire width of the tyre, while straight or turned.

    When you weave on a bike, it takes longer for one patch of rubber to hit the road again as you flip from side to side.
    The rubber may be more stressed by weaving, and therefore building temperature faster than riding in a straight line, but because there is a longer cooling period for that rubber patch between contact with the road, you end up losing all those degrees.

    Probably doesnt make much sence they way I've written it, but I understand and that's all that counts :wink:
  7. There are somedays here in tas where you tyres will never heat up. :LOL:

    The one thing I have found that works is perserverence and time... Perserverence when you cant coner as fast as you like and the time it takes to hit when you come of and get crunched from pushing cold tyres.

    SO take your time sacrifice some of the ride to warm your tyres 15? 20mins who cares when you come autobahn stoming home at the end smiling? Your bike will tell you when its warm and the tyres are soft. The handeling and road feel changes significatly when the tyres are all warmed up plus that 15mins is gold for seeing sights.

    Oh BTW I used to run BT-010's but I've taken a step back to the older BT-054's less wear same'ish grip once warm! and $30-$40 less :)