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warm/hot weather = really bad drivers

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by dje, Feb 1, 2007.

  1. Yet again the warm weather brings out the worst in drivers.

    Went for a 1 hour ride/cruise today and was cut off 3 times, witnessed several lane changes without indicating and/or head checks, etc, etc... but the thing that pissed me off the most was this lady who saw me, still turned in front of me, then when i tapped on her window at the next set of lights and asked her 'what are you doing?', she ignored me and mumbled something in my direction...

    I say, lets not bother the gov anymore for more advertising about motorycycle awareness. Instead lets try get a law passed for bikers that if they were potentially almost injured or worse by a car then we may speed to catch up to them, open their car door, take off our glove and slap em across the face and/or sucker punch em in the nose. Other suggestions welcome...

    We could call ourselves:
    Motorbikes Against Drivers Because Iditots in Traffic Cause Harm
    Or M.A.D.B.I.T.C.H for short.
  2. 1) Neutral.
    2) Side-stand down.
    3) Poke tongue out at her.
    4) Raise windscreen wipers on her car.
    5) Sod orf :grin:

  3. :LOL: :LOL: Love it! The whole "kick door/mirror" thing is far too aggressive for me, but raising the windscreen wipers is totally my style! At least now I can actually ride fast enough to avoid potential recompense.
  4. Oh that is f'n great. :LOL: :LOL:

    But, you are aware that they can report you for tampering with private property? Same as those guys who stick annoying flyers in your wipers, they can be (if you so desire) reported to the police.
  5. Bahaha, yes finally a step past the evil eye, but not as far as a footprint. Genius :cool: :LOL:
  6. I never ride in icy conditions anyway ;)
  7. 1) Neutral
    2) Side-stand down
    3) Open driver-side door
    4) Take key out of ignition
    5) Throw Key to other side of Intersection
  8. If on motard
    1) put in 3rd gear
    2) aim boot at mirror
    3)hit it at about 40k's
    4) when they ask you why u did it say you don't use it anyway
    5)seeing a mirror hangin by cords priceless :grin:
  9. Ran an errand at lunch time, into Melbourne CBD using Westgate freeway, and then back out the same way... OMG, WTF is going on with these drivers?!? Absolutely shocking decisions being made!

    My spider senses were amped up to the max, and thankfully avoided a handful of shitty examples of crap driving trying to knock me off. Not one apology.

    The best was a driver in the left hand lane, me behind and out of his blind spot (I could see his face in his side mirror) in the right hand lane... he slows down and then pulls a rapid right hander into a car park garage driveway... no indicators, no car body language, just a sudden unpredictable turn... I emergency braked to a halt. He didn't have a clue.

    Did my best to shrug it off and went on my not-as-merry way.

    But the guy who purposefully turned out of a side street into my lane, all the while looking and smirking directly at me, well he was lucky that I had a place to be...

    That one really upset my zen... Definitely woulda KSMA'd that d.ickhead!

    Ok... rant over.





    ahhhh, better.
  10. For situations like those:

    1) Neutral
    2) Side-stand down
    3) Open driver-side door
    4) Take key out of ignition
    5) Pull driver out of car and bend him/her over
    6) Insert key as far as possible to that place where solar panels are useless
  11. Yoo mean thier armpitt? [​IMG]
  12. only if it smells worse than the other option.