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warehouse/factory outlet in melbourne?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by marti_, Jul 15, 2006.

  1. Hey peoples,

    I want to get some riding gear. I should be getting my 250 in a couple of weeks and need some gear so I can at least test some of the bikes I've been checking out. Mainly I've been going to peter stevens and checking their prices on gear. I want to spend roughly $1000 - $1200 on gear.

    Are there any good warehouses / factory outlets in Melbourne that have a massive range? I remember reading about one on the site before, but I couldn't find it when I did a search.

    Also, any advise for buying gear in general?
  2. Get a netrider membership and go to a shopping night for 10-20% off your stuff
    or just with the membership some places offer 10% off (Bikemart, etc)

    I know draggin have a factory but they charge more there than they do in the bike shops.
  3. There was a place om Swan St Richmond earlier this year near Dimmeys. But it may have closed down.
    Keep an ear to the grapevine. Sometimes, there have been days at the Royal showgrounds.
  4. closes either today or tomorrow :) I bought some waterproof gloves from it today as a result of spending 150 odd kms in the rain today hehe. A note on the front said "LAST 2 DAYS!" Not sure if it was from yesterday or today :)

    It was the outlet for http://www.originalbikesandbits.com.au/
  5. Try Xtreme in Hoppers Crossing for your riding gear as they have a really good range at WHOLESALE prices DIRECT to PUBLIC. Ask for Heather at sales ph 03 9974 3300.
  6. Couldn't find Bike Mart in the partner's discount section...
  7. Thanks Undii.
  8. Brian's bikemart is on maroondah highway in ringwood (behind the autobarn) they offer 10 % on presentation of netrider membership.
  9. Bike Mart
    Shop 4 / 70 Maroondah Hwy
    Ringwood 3134
    Ph 9879 5822

    map here
  10. I second that. Thats where i got all my gear when i first started. I got the lot head to toe for 1k.. :grin:
  11. Redwing Honda
    Bell Street, Heidelberg

    They have just opened their clearance centre.

  12. thanks for the advise guys and gals. i'm in the mitcham area, so i'm gonna high tail it up to ringwood shortly, after some more breakfast, and check out bike mart if they are open today.

    just went and checked out a 250 bike before. once i have my gear i can take it for a burn. i've also got a bike i'm seeing next weekend, then i might have made up my mind on my 250.
  13. That's not true Kraven, I bought my camo draggins direct from the Sth melb outlet, and they only charged me $180 and they were $209 from all the stores I'd looked at, and I got a grouse draggin Tshirt and a heap of stickers thrown in as well.
  14. Go to All Motorcycle Accessories in Dorset Road, Boronia. About 1k from Burwood Hwy. They sell all surplus stock, all brand new but just a whole lot cheaper. Go and have a look you will be pleasently suprised. Most things are about 40% off retail or more.

    Eg, Dri-Rider jackets for $140, etc.

  15. Also, don't forget the Kathmandu factory outlet in collingwood for your thermals :)
  16. Black rose leathers have great prices if you want some good leathers. I got a fully armoured leather jacked from them for only $195. Other shops sell similar stuff for around $400.
    1/449 Graham Street, Port Melbourne. Ph 9646 8006.
  17. Damn... should have presented my card the other day.. didn't know as they are not listed in the forum's partners dscounts..

    I will know what to do next time.