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Warcraft Movie????

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sirian Sun, Jul 23, 2009.

  1. *taken from Perez Hilton*

    Alright, gamers, here ya go: World of Warcraft is now going to be a major motion picture and it already has big names attached, including producers from The Dark Knight and the director of Spiderman, Sam Raimi.

    No details yet about what the movie will be be about, but Raimi is said to start work on the project as soon as the shitshow known as Spiderman 4 is complete.

    Doesn't Tobey Maguire have anything better to do?

    No? Sad.

    Are U excited for a Warcraft flick?


    Ok I admit I am a Warcraft tragic LOL I dont go into WOW but I did love the games and expansion kits hehe

    My inner geek is looking forward to seeing what they come up :grin:
  2. Sorry, too busy hating Perez Hilton to think properly about whatever he's blogging atm.
  3. Yeah he is a bit of a frustrated queen at times. To each their own though.
  4. i can't believe they're making a WOW movie when they haven;t even made a decent D&D movie yet.
  5. That's because D&D sucks
  6. There is no 'story' in WoW (which was specifically the version they're supposed to be making, not just a warcraft movie) which will make telling a 'story' really hard, and there is no major character either, i have no idea what they plan on making it about :? :? :?
  7. Maybe it is a 90 minute long blood bath between the humans and orcs
  8. The quests in WoW somewhat reflect the storyline in the Warcraft strategy series - it would not be too hard to make something around the stories of Arthas, Thrall, Jaina Proudmoore etc etc.
  9. yeah directors seem to think their fans have somehow avoided ageing, and market their movies to 13 year olds, even though the 13 year olds who used to love the game are now 29..... (or 18 at the time the movie came out). Time and time again movie conversions are scr3wed because they are aimed at completely the wrong demographic.

    the latest Batman's / spiderman's have it somewhat nailed - they realised that most of their fans were children of the 80s, and that post 2000 they'd be 20-30 somethings with cash on their hands who wanted something a little meaty.

    Dragonball evolution, double dragon, street fighter (live action one), were all screwed by catering to impressionable 13 year olds instead of 20-somethings with a thirst for biff, boobs, and big bloody bangs.

    Transformers is kinda halfway house - nothing too gory so the kids can watch it, but massive giant robots and megan fox's boobs for the adults.

    I'd watch a WoW movie, but I reckon it will more than likely be disappointing.
  10. Warcraft 3 was great lol
  11. I can't wait for the film adaptation of Super Rub a Dub lol

    not sure I would even bother watching a Warcraft or World of Warcraft movie, I guess like Lord of the Rings you need to be into it to enjoy it
  12. Are they going to put learning to fish and spending 100 hours hunting for fur in it too? :LOL:

    I've played all series, and WoW for a little bit, but I don't remember those names, spose its cos i played the games on face value, and not caring how i got from one battle to the next.
  13. :)

    they were the main protagonists in the warcraft 3 game, and the frozen throne expansion. The whole story is about how the orcs, humans, and elves joined together to defeat the demons, and then afterwards everyone got gluteus maximus loved by the undead.

    Hard to miss but can appreciate your position, particularly if you skip cut scenes in eagerness to hit the next battle.

    They didn't really appear in WoW quests until you hit the higher levels.
  14. Well thing is, the LotR series was firstly books, so the game was actually based on something, much like the movies before the game. And while in the game you can play a range of characters, its a much expanded world of the LotR adventure, and its still the books with the underlying basis.

    Warcraft (afaik) was created as a game for the PC many a year back, as a simple Humans Vs Orc battle ground, which expanded to 3D strategy gaming, then into the world of 3rd Person Adventure, so no real mainline story with good, sink your teeth into, or emotionalize with, main character(s).
  15. ok uber nerd status being revealed by each subsequent post...

    but you know that last quest in WC3 where the big demon archimonde was trying to kill the tree? well, that is a L70 quest in WoW - you start off defending the human town from the waves of horde, then hit an orc town, then the elves, then finally you get to face the big guy.

    heaps of fun.
  16. Ahh right, dunno if i ever got FT... and only played till Lev30, and wondered where the last 1,000,0000,000 of my life had gone :LOL: :LOL:

    Yeah, wondered why they threw in Hero's to the mix in WC3, i much liked WC2 :)
  17. yeah I get what you mean - the LoTR is based on a well loved story which is somewhat a classic.

    But I would not be too quick to poo poo the potential for a WoW plot - the characters may not be as deep as LoTR but there is definitely potential for a semi-decent plot based on the in-game plot - it has been developed over the last 15 or so years (original warcraft came out in 1994) and the result is a surprisingly complex universe with wide variety of characters.

    Certainly no LoTR, but I'd imagine it will be better than, say, a massive kick to the groin. Although I may end up eating those words when the flick is released.
  18. yeah I appreciate that position too :p

    I stopped playing a while ago now - got into the WotLK expansion but stopped not long after. It is a real time killer - and I reckon the global reduction in productivity brought on by WoW contributed to the GFC.

    (seriously - there must be a PhD in there somewhere: "the effect of WoW expansion packs on the GDP of developed economies")
  19. Meanwhile, in other, completely-unrelated, news, Blizzard profits are at an all time high :LOL:

    Seariously, when people have died from a complete lack of basic instincts (ie eat and drink) cos they'd have to miss the 30 seconds it takes to minimise the window and goto Coles Online, or Pizzahut online and order something, i think you may be onto something here :grin: