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Warburton - Woods Point Rd

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' at netrider.net.au started by joetdm, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Just wondering if anyone has gone through Warburton - Woods point Rd all the way from Cambarville to Mansfiled.

    I have this urge to do the below loop soon and I know there's gravel roads involved.
    So my question is if it's well kept gravel or a rabble to ride with my gs500f?


    Normally I would just go there and wing it but thought why not ask my fellow netriders....
    Done a search on threads with some good read but looking at info to something a little recent.
  2. This time of year I'd avoid it like the plague - roads are constantly wet with loads of leaf/bark litter and just not at all fun...
  3. I am keen to do it to, but I am waiting until October for the roads to become acceptably dry, because I am a woose.
  4. was thinking toward end of Sept, and after a few days of dry conditions...
    cold doesn't bother me...

    Have a lot of similar routes I'd like to ride that's why I'm getting a V Strom after restrictions.
  5. I've been through there. I was on my postie with a mate on vt250f and one on a gs500e.

    It's not nice at all, to say the least. Tractors go through it giving it like a corrugated iron roof texture. ****s your ride up real bad. I got a headache in there and i was on a postie, the more comfortable bike.

    Do it if you want. It's just really shit. We didn't know it was dirt because its a C class road, which was annoying. There were heaps of 4WDs on there too which weren't expecting us and a few close calls. Also banked turns and a drity chain at the end.

    I'd do it again just so i can be a hard ass motorist though.

    pics included:
  6. I seem to remember when I lived in Yarra Junction that some parts of that loop actually were snowed in and impassible in winter......

    Mike crate rear storage

    typo, or some new product of which I'm not aware :LOL:???
  7. Paronga, I think you are confusing Joe's road with Acheron Way. I have taken Acheron, and yes, it is a gravel road for a lot of it, but it is definitely out of the way!! Probably a good opportunity to level up on dirt/gravel riding, just so you know what it is like (I certainly had no clue before I went on it) I have never taken the Cambarville-Mansfield rd. I do however share Joe's need to take that road.

    If you go on from Mansfield to Wangaratta via Bridge Creek, then to Wodonga via Beechworth, it seems you have yourself the back road from Melbourne to the border. I have been eyeing this route for my first tour (when my Bike and the weather are good). And in fact, if you start in Gippsland, and go through Heyfield north of Sale, then it is one long backroad. :beer:
  8. I've been thinking of doing this road on the SR. PM me when you decide to. I'm a woose, I might wimp out, and if I do it I'll be a slow coach, but give me a yell in case I harden up in the meantime.

    Maybe it's time to organise a NR "road bikes on dirt" ride?
  9. I did Warburton - Woods point Rd on Tuesday and the roads were fine, I didn't get a chance to do to Mansfield so can't comment on the gravel parts, but I did ride up to the top of Mt Donna Buang see attached :D

    Attached Files:

  10. Hey I like that idea....
    Probably worth waiting till towards mid spring when roads hopefully should be a little drier...
    I'll definitely be doing Woods point rd to Mansfield soon....
  11. On Tuesday nearly all the roads were dry with the exception of small patches up near the Summit of Mt Donna Buang, just go for a ride and see for yourself! If I had the time today I'd be doing it all again!
  12. yeah, went up over Don Rd which has about 4K of gravel Monday and it's all fine...
    I was going to take the dirt rd all the way up Donna from where the start of dirt starts on Don Rd (from healesville) but there was a sign saying the road was closed...
    Woods Point Rd between Camberville and Mansfield thru Matlock would have some 40K of gravel and I believe it can be a lot more challenging if it's been wet.

    Good times ahead....... Looking forward to upgrading to a V Strom March next year and exploring less travelled roads
  13. Yes, I find that upwards of ten kms of dirt or gravel is ok, even when it's on the rough end of things. It's when you commit to longer stretches, with the fautigue and no easy exit when things get tough, that there's a real challenge.
  14. Went for a ride from Lilydale up to Reefton and back via Marysville yesterday.

    After this weekend there is alot of leaf litter/stray twigs up along the way to Reefton.
    The upper yarra dam was closed due to a downed power line across the road.
    The roads were very very wet, but still I had fun freezing my ass off...