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Warburton Wood Point Road - Any Good?

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Pleiades, Jan 8, 2009.

  1. I'm looking for something to break up the Black Spur / Kinglake groundhog day I've been in for a while. And I reckon there might be a few cops around this weekend after the crash on the Black Spur yesterday.

    Any suggestions over the east side of Melb greatly appreciated, particularly if they involve a smooth surface (suspension is set a little hard).

  2. go do whitfield to mansfield. failing that get on google earth or buy a map.

    Isn't woods point road the one that 80 year old got nicked in the pulsar, doing what, 180?
  3. Nope, that's Brandy Creek Rd, just north of Warragul.

    Warburton - Woods Point Rd is otherwise known as Reefton Spur. It's not smooth, is fairly technical, and is also well patrolled by the boys in blue. :wink:
  4. Did the Mansfield to Whitfield, was a nice ride. Thanks for the tip. Spoke to a couple of guys on the way back, and they confirmed my suspicions regarding the Black Spur and the cops.

    Wasn't aware that Google Earth or Melways gave road conditions. I can see lots of nice looking roads, but nice on a map does not neccessarily translate to nice on the ground, hence my question.

    And I realise I've done Reefton Spur once before. Did it midweek, and discovered that logging trucks are generally wider than the lane they have! Won't be doing that again in a hurry...
  5. launching place-gembrook isn't bad. few bumpy bits though. there are other nice roads in the dandenongs but often low speed limits.
  6. will be hard to find many roads with the surface of the black spur, its like a race track, if u do let me know tho haha. but reefton i wouldnt call bumpy, its pretty damn good, i normally hate anythin rough but i quite enjoy reefton and happy with the surface.
  7. After doing the Reefton to Marysville route on the sunday cruise I must say its a fantastic bit o bitumen. Just dont get too unwound, or u might end up off the edge like chris with his R1 :p
    Also, yarra junction to Noojee wia poweltown is nice, but the corners are more long/fast than tight/twisties
  8. I did it last week on my CB250. It was a real challenge as I had never done dirt roads, and it's a very twisty up and down road. Absolutely worth it though, it was beautiful! Oh, and try not to have to refuel in Woods Point, it's expensive!!

    Make sure your back brake is ok, and watch the loose gravel!
  9. re Mansfield – Whitfield: the last bit of the Eildon - Jamieson road is being sealed, I am told. That will make getting to Mansfield a whole lot more worthwhile! :grin:
  10. As Victoria doesnt stop at the last set of lights outside Melbourne you need to get one of these
    Get one from your local RACV shop. Road conditions are colour coded.
  11. I have an edition 7 VicRoads here in the office but actually prefer to use my old tatty Edition 5 in the car as it's easier to read and has more back roads/tracks on it that I actually have to use for work purposes.

    Unfortunately VR dumbed down the directory when it went to Edition 6 and despite complaints from regular users/purchasers have kept it in dumbed down form in Edition 7 as well.

    (my job requires me to visit sites well off the highways so Melway or UBD maps are useless and the CFA maps are way too detailed)
  12. I agree but its got to be better than the Melways for rural roads :)
  13. Okay need help. I am being ambassador to riders from NSW going to WSBK. I'm meeting them for a play in the high country.

    Plan was then to come from Bright down through the spurs. Of course can't do that now. I was hoping to still ride the Reefton spur but my version 7 directory shows the only route being Mansfield-Jamieson-Matlock road (C511) has a lot of dirt.

    Has anybody ridden it lately? Can give a condition report? Any other (sane) suggestions?

    Much appreciated.
  14. Stay away from the spurs and mansfield
    Recent Bushfires have got lots of debris and very angry locals.

  15. Thanks for info Smee. Not planning on riding there for another 1 1/2 weeks yet and changed plans to give black spur a miss and wide berth. Thought the Reefton spur area was ok though?

    Did Mansfield cop it as well? Been difficult to keep up with it all. Seems like all of Victoria has been burning..
  16. FYI Mansfield - Jamieson - Matlock is virtually all dirt. No go zones anyway ATM. If you have dual purpose bike, no problem, but would be hard going on a roadie.

    I hope they don't finish sealing the Snob's rd.....we enjoy that as our own little piece of heaven on the way home from day/weekend trips :twisted:
  17. Just spoke to someone at Woods Point pub and was told that roadies ride through there all the time and no fire threat there so going there is okay.

    So don't know what to think anymore!!!
  18. The problem is that if you come down from Woods Point, you've then got to go down the Reefton, which takes you through Warburton. Although that area isn't under threat today, it might change later. I'd be tempted to come down via the GAR instead if I was coming from NSW.
  19. Current thinking is to just give the whole area a miss and come down through Omeo.

    Would still like to ride the Mansfield - Woods Point rd when the fire threat well and truly over. Looks nice. My Ducati ain't no dual purpose bike though!
  20. Probably a good idea currently.