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War Games

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Charmed, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. Oh another movie to educate my kids with lol
    War Games currently on. Havnt seen this in years :LOL:

  2. What channel Charmed? Is it on "Free to Air"?
    Im watching the racing on ten :p
  3. Oh got it - its on 7
  4. damn, i aint seen this for years

    W.O.P.R. acronym always used to make me laugh, like it was some sort of burger
  5. 13 yr old son didnt move during the entire thing, hell even the 17yr old graced up with his presence & watched it. Thought it must have been a little safe after last night little episode of 'come out in the rain & look for me'
  6. I love that movie !

    "Would you like to play a game ?"

    seeya, going to watch what I can.
  7. man I just loved the old school computer... 320kb
    5-1/4 inch drives and an old cga adaptor... retro computer geek action... I miss my old 808... :(
  8. lol, the important thing is to keep those fond memories in your head and never to back to it, you just end up disapointed :grin: :grin:

    Im thinking the next geek night might include some old school computer movies: Hackers, War Games, Sneakers, hell even Electric dreams !!

    Then we can fire up my C64 (emulator) and crank out some Impossible Mission !!! I fcuking love that shit !!

  9. :LOL: Dont forget to toss in Tron into that mix
  10. Don't forget Weird Science ! -

    Man, Kelly Le Brock . . . .
    Her role in Woman in Red also, that summed up my 80s pre-teens discovering ! (wooah, too much info :shock:)
  11. Wargames was not on in Sydney.
    Instead Bowling for Columbine was on, the Mike Moore doco.

    I've never seen the doco before.

    It just reinforced my belief that the United States of America is not the land of the free, instead its one big basket case living in denial with racial undertones still present in society. They are all a bunch of people living in fear stroking their guns !!

    After watching it, it got me thinking . . . lets hope Australias society does not go down that path.
  12. Mickyb - you were a bit late - :roll: Wargames was on at 1:00 on 7. Trust me is watched bits of it :p
    Columbine doco was at 10:45 - i watched that too. Australia hasn’t gone down that path with no gun control - they've banned most "ridiculous" weapons, and they have quite good gun control laws.
  13. Dang ! :LOL: . . lol, its was a midday movie ! :rofl:

    What I meant about how our society is not to go down, is that lets hope we don't become like the US where they live in fear and close themselves to the rest society. I wish that if I have kids, they will have the freedom as what I had as a kid. Like ride around carefree on BMXs without the fear of pedophiles or chemically imbalanced people doing harm. Or enjoying bbq's with the neighbours on the street without the thought of them being the enemy.

    Sad to say though, with what we hear on news these days I think we are moving down the path of being self-enclosed.
  14. Yeah - you know what annoyed me (referring to the moore doco last night) is they asked people in that town if they locked their doors - and the majority of people said no. Yet they all sleep with a gun under their pillow :roll: .
  15. I tell ya, America is a basket case !

    I have relatives there and when they came here to Australia for a visit they were just so spun out when they found out we don't carry guns. They almost freaked out feeling unsafe !! :eek:

    They were also spun out on how many parks and trees there are in Sydney. But then again they were from New Jersey and LA.

    They also could not get over that our McDonalds large meal is a small meal over there !! :LOL: . . they felt ripped off !
  16. What about 'Lawnmower man' that was one crazy movie!

    War games rocked :grin:
  17. Remember Joystick ?

    Man, thats my first experience of watching a C-grade movie ! :eek:
    It sucked !!