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War between bikes (motor) and bikes (pushy)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Untame_me, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. Ok, I’ve had it…….this morning, I got another dose of yelling from pushy push-bikers.

    Let me explain:

    I do move into the bike lane on Royal Parade, but only when I look behind in the mirror and see plenty of space. And ONLY if the traffic is slowing or idle at the lights.

    Both yelling incidents happened on the way to work in the morning, along Royal Parade.

    The first time, I got yelled from a push biker from behind, I assumed that I was in his way by going too slow, clutch in, travelling towards a red light. I was on the outside lane and was in the king of the push-bikes’ “domain”.

    So, since, I’ve decided to ride on the inside lane, along with the trams. This morning when I split ahead on the left side of the road……suddenly this pushy push-biker yelled at me again from behind. I assumingly was in her way.

    At the red light ahead, I opened my visor and had a talk with her.

    I honestly cannot remember what I said to her first, however, the subsequent convo goes like this:

    Her: “But you did not look in your mirror, did you?”…….
    Me thinking: “Yes I did”……..
    Me: “I don’t look in my mirror 100% of the time”
    Her: …..and you did not indicate…., you gotto indicate”
    Me flabbergasted: “There is no lane to indicate, and the bike lane is there <gesturing> on the outside lane, not here”
    Me: “I have every right to be here”
    Her being defensive: “I had to ride on this lane because I need to get off such and such place”….
    Me thinking: “Like I care”

    OK, can someone shed some lights on me? What is the rulz with regards to the pushy push-bikes lane……are we allow to ride there?

    I also like to make a point, for both incidents, I assumed I was going too SLOW. If I’m worry about my speed between park cars and idle/slow moving traffic…..AND….I was deemed to be going too slow by pushy push-bikers, how fast they must be travelling??

    They have to be travelling too fast if I see plenty of space, and suddenly they appeared behind me, yelling for me to get out of their way…..
  2. No, its a fine if you're caught ($135 from memory) but since you have to cross the thing to do left hand turns and so on most cops don't really care (unless you are using it constantly for a block or so)

    Well, if anything happens they are responsible as they are approaching you. There is no such thing as travelling too slow on approach to a red light and if you were constantly checking your mirrors you'd run the risk of collecting whatever was in front of you. They should give you space - simple as that.

    Exactly! This is why cyclists get a bad name. I was in the city a while ago and was turning into a side street. I had to pass a parked car whose driver was opening his door. I stopped to avoid a collision and got an earful from a bike courier who was behind me. Wasn't a close call either, cyclist leisurely slowed down, pulled up and gave me a serve for blocking his path.
  3. I don't think we're strictly allowed to use the pushbike lane, although I do all the time along Alexandra Pde in the mornings on the way to work, as I have to turn left up Smith St and it's easier than lane splitting and then trying to get back across to the left lane.

    Of course I check first, as you did, that there isn't a pushie in the immediate vicinity. When I pull up at a red light, I always make sure there is room for a pushie beside me, should one appear... I really don't see that this should pose a problem?
  4. it is illegal and you can get fined for it depending on the coppers mood.. me I do it all the time, bugger sitting in traffic, i also use to race bicycles a while ago, todays attitudes from cyclist is alot different from when i use to race
  5. Put a stick in their spokes just as the lights change. Ride of replete with smirk.

    Reality is, just like us they have a duty of care to ride according to the traffic conditions.

    Maybe we can impose on the council to provide a pit for us to dispose of the bodies into. There may be a quicklime surcharge, but I would be happy to pay it.
  6. They're in the same boat as us, and just as you get d1ckhead motorcyclists you get d1ckhead pushies.

    They get less respect on the road than we do, and although they can lane-split better than we can, when they come off it's generally worse for them because the only gear they're wearing is a pissy pot helmet. They don't have mirrors, either, so a good pushy rider gets really good at head checks and visualisation.

    Pushy couriers spend _all day_ dealing with d1ckheads in city traffic. For every pushy who nearly ran over you as you were crossing at the lights there's two who are being side-swiped by taxis or SUVs. I remember when I was working the pushy - for the whole day I was close to smacking anybody who looked at me funny, just from the pent up aggression.

    What I'm saying here is that they're in a similar situation as us: they don't get any respect from the cagers.
  7. most pushy riders see all other vehicles the same way we see cars. they are much more vunerable and tend to get ignored by all traffic around them. now i'm not saying that the serve was right, but try and see it from the pushies side; you've just jumped into their safe haven, the only place on the road where they're not getting in anyones way and nearly being knocked off their bike by passing cars.

    as a daily pushy rider myself, i totally understand where she's coming from. i dont think motorbikes deserve an earful for jumping in that lane as long as they're careful about it and i have no problem with it myself but i do see why she got uppity.

    a couple of times a week i'll get some arsehole driving their car down the pushy lane in front of me only to get stuck and stop me from going any further or driving behind me revving their car or even tooting at me to get out of the way. this is the shit we have to deal with sometimes and after a while, it can get pretty frustrating and you might find one of us paying out on someone that really doesn't deserve it.

    it sounds like this lady was out of line, but bear in mind that its not easy being at the bottom of the food chain. having said that tho, just shake your head, say "what-everrrrr" and get on with your day. she's the one with a chip on her shoulder, not you :wink:
  8. Arh, I cycle a fair amount. Mostly commuting to/from work (CBD).
    It’s always been a struggle with motorists, some don’t know how to deal with cyclists (are they a car? are they a pedestrian? etc), you think it’s bad on a motorbike. On a pushie, motorist see you in their mirrors & turn regardless [just a pushbike they think, it’ll stop for me]. For them it’s more of a ‘double parking’ lane, than a cycle lane, you’re a 2nd class citizen & there’s little you can do about it.
    Some cyclists mouth off too often though, but that’s ‘cause they’ve had a gut full.
    My advice is to avoid the cycle lane, ‘cause I’ll bag you for it if I got to slow & go around you (even though I run the lights , he he ..).
    Also it’s good to do a head check, pushbikes usually don’t show up on most m’cycle mirrors.

    I don’t want to defend all cyclist though, it’s becoming more popular than ever (esp in summer) & my biggest problem now is other cylcists, they’re becoming more unpredicatable. Sure I might take a red light or 2 or a creative detour using alleys/stairs/malls whatever, but running right out into oncoming traffic & charging through pedestrians expecting everyone to move out for you is asking abit too much.
  9. I rang Vicroads once to clear this up.
    You are not allowed to "travel" in a bike lane as such, on a motorcycle.
    Like a car, however, you are allowed to use it for a distance of up to 50 metres to get off the road (to a parking space, or in our case footpath) or to turn at an intersection.
    Technically, cyclists are allowed to overtake on the left if they stay in their lane (but not outside it), but NOT if another vehicle is in front of them and turning left.

    I've had heaps of incidents with cyclist doing just this, especially in Brunswick Street Fitzroy. Usually ends in pedal pusher screaming hysterically that he is always in the right because he's saving the world and I'm not! :p :p :p
    Had one pull his pump out and smack my helmet with it! Of course I had to rip it out of his hand and accidentally run over it :p

    What I don't know is if we can use those new bike holding areas at intersections that take up the entire lane (in front of cars).
    This time Vicroads transferred my call directly to Bike Victoria (!) who promptly told me "NO NO NO, THERE OURS, OURS DO YOU HEAR? IT'S ALL OURS EVERYTHING IS OURS GO AWAY!!!!!

  10. pushie riders (especially in town) want the best of both worlds. They want all the special treatment on the roads with their own lanes, but if things are going to slow, they'll jump onto the footpath.

    Oh, and most of them think that obeying red-lights are a optional. If they did get caught, i bet they'd argue they were only jay-walking.

    I don't know how these guys justify all the protest rides they do, they have it sweeeet.
  11. Try this response next time:

    Pushy rider: YELL YELL BLAH BLAH...
    You: Do you pay to use this road? No? Well, bugger off then.... SEEYA ...... ZOOM!

    I don't have much tolerance for people I don't believe have a right to be there.... If you want it, pay for it, everyone else has to.

    Just my opinion.... shoot me if you must :p
  12. I agree missy.

    Pushy riders are rolling pedestrians. Their bike lane should be the footpath, or they should have to pay rego like us to use their own special lane.
  13. Ok. I will rant about one thing, though.

    If I'm in the cage, and I'm being polite and letting a pushy past where I wouldn't normally have to do so, and the pushy then doesn't even speed up so that I can go, or wave, or anything.

    That's annoying.

    Hey, I'm stopping so that you can go past, you could at least do more than 10kph! Sure, if it's somebody who's obviously unfit, but not a young and healthy uni student.


    Pushies who ride on the footpath because it's "safer" than the road.

    It's not. Cars are much more predictable than peds, which is saying something. Peds wave arms about, they don't ever indicate when they move, they stop suddenly, they exit without checking, etc etc. Peds don't expect some cyclist to be coming up behind them at 15-20kph so they act as if they have the whole footpath, which they usually do.

    If you're scared of riding on the road, toughen up or take the bloody PT.
  14. ohhhh yeah, that one again :LOL: :roll:

    how about you just accept that we exist and get on with your life? would it REALLY make a difference if we paid up do you think? or do you think that we would just continue to get ignored and be the lowest form of life on the road but just be more vocal about it cos we're now paying for it?

    its a can of worms that doesn't need to be opened. cagers dont like you and would gladly see the end of que jumping speeding maniacs like yourself (stereotype) but your here and will always be. same way you dont like us cos we're 'leeches' of the road and inconvenience you by having lanes set up for us that make splitting traffic easier for you :?

    maybe we should have roads specifically for cars, others just for trucks others just for motorbikes and others just for bicycles. while we're at it we can have another road for red vehicles cos they're an eyesore and another one for loud ones cos they hurt our ears. this way no-one will be getting in anyone elses way and we can go on to griping about something useful like why there shouldn't be a girls only section :LOL:
  15. "Their" bike lane?

    Who do you think paid for that danny?

    Yes, I do believe they should pay something. Not as much as for a motorised vehicle of course, but something, definetly.

    I am a reasonable person, and I don't think its an unreasonable idea.
  16. i used to ride a pushy to work, and let me tell you, if I obeyed all the road rules, it would be quicker to walk some days.

    therefore most pushy riders are a law unto themselves, which is why both cagers and riders find them occasionally a bit too much to bear.
  17. So bicyclists who also own a motor vehicle and therefore pay rego have a right to be there then? Well, that'd be the majority. How come no-one ever complains about pedestrians who don't contribute to the footpaths they "leach"?
  18. It's all in the taxes. It'd be like making peds pay footpath tax. Pushbikers pay for themselves by reducing congestion, fossil fuel use, and pollution.

    I can see the point of the pushies who want to "reclaim the streets", but I don't support their protest methods.

    (I'm bored and on my lunchbreak, so I'm open to opening the can ;)
  19. no one expects them to pay rego of course, just to stop acting like they own the road. most states do a lot to ensure the safety of cyclists through bike lanes, so if pushy riders obey the road laws and practice common courtesy towards other riders, these problems don't exist.

    cyclists have it real sweet - they can ride on the road, in the bike lanes, on the footpath - anywhere they like. why protest?
  20. I have two vehicles, and I have to pay for each of them.... Soooooooo....