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Wanting to go for learners but afraid that the only thing

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by doxxus, Oct 1, 2007.

  1. i'd fail is the eye test.

    from since i remember, my right eye has been very blury, unable to be corrected. now this would of been fine if the eye test was the same as the car one where they only test one eye, whichever you want, but i read on a few sites that it is both eyes. my left eye is perfect, or near perfect, and can see both near and far, and more, but my right eye, as i said, is very blury. i could probably read the 3rd line in a test with my right eye, but it might be a struggle. i'm not too sure.

    i havent had any problems with driving a car for these last 6 years, but i understand that driving a car and riding a bike are 2 very different things. i emailed a licenced tester for vicroads to see what could be done or if i'm over worrying, just to know if i should pursue my lerners permit, and one day my full licence, or just forget about the whole thing and move on.

    great first post :oops:
  2. Hey there. Just do the test, assuming you can see well enough to drive.

    When I went for my Ls and Ps they didn't do an eyesight test, presumably because I had already had the test for my car license recently.
  3. Buy a contact lens.
  4. I ride a bike, drive a car and fly a plane. I am "functionally monocular". My right eye does not clearly focus, and no amount of lenses will correct it.
    Your condition sounds like mine, the eye will not focus on anything, however, I make out objects ad shapes clearly, it's just not clear enough for me to read text etc with it. I can't even read the largest letter on the charts with it.

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Dude I am about as blind as that old man off The Simpsons with the big glasses. You know the one that is always crashin cars and trucks? Thats me. And I got my L's. To be honest, I thought I'd fail the eye test too but I did ok, the bottom row was a bit blurry but i still made out the letters. Good luck.
  6. Unless something has changed over the last few months, in Victoria you have both eyes open (so close one if you want), a big chart with big arsed letters on it (all the same size), and you stand fairly close to it.

    I don't have great eyesight but I could read the chart from the other side of the room.

    Btw: alot of RTA offices have the chart (or similar) on the back wall of their offices - just stand near the desk and see if you can read it with either, or both eyes...

  7. As far as I recall I did the eye sight test with both eyes at the RTA.
  8. If you can navigate unaided to the testing office and you're not colour blind I'd suggest you'll be fine.
  9. sounds spot on.

    i asked my brother-in-law and he said the eye test is both eyes seperately, but was fairly easy considering one of his eyes are buggered but it's pretty close.

    it's funny because i got nervous when i did my car test and when the lady asked me to cover an eye and read the line, i was about to cover my good eye :roll:

    i'll see if i can get a weekend booking in the suburb over from my work, or if not, a weekday booking and try to get it done soon so i can just get the thing.

  10. Ok so my worries are nil now. I went part armstrongs to get information, got some papers. It's a 1 day course for absolute begginers from 8am til 6pm. I asked about my eyes being a problem, the lady said it was fine there wont be any problems, and another lady said if i was worried we could do the test right then to put me at ease. Boy, did it. It's done with both eyes open and That's just brilliant.

    There are some spots next week so I'll try get myself booked for then, just need to find time off of work. Thanks for the information here as well :)
  11. Good luck :grin:
  12. cheers, booked in with armstrong's for next thursday.

    i'm going to probably swing past the farm with my brother-in-law and his bike.
  13. lol at the place i did my l's they got me to read one line of text didnt have to close a eye or anything

    if you cant read the one line of text with both eyes you shouldnt be rideing
    although if one of my eyes were shit id probally keep rideing to a weekend fun thing not comute too dogey not being able to see stuff out the corner of the eye

    good luck to you mate dont thing getting the licence will be a issue, just take care
  14. Even if you are colour blind, it's ok, just don't buy a Honda as they're almost invariably RED :D
  15. I am sure that you use both eyes, even my wife just said the same thing..

    I think i even remember them saying, you dont drive with one eye closed, so why do the eye test that way..

    You will be fine, don't stress..
  16. personally if i were blind or partially blind in one eye Id be thinking twice about riding a motorbike but im not looking at the world through your eyes. :shock:
    your life your choice.

    good luck! :grin:
  17. My brother had a similar problem, he just got someone to memorise the last line and tell him before the test. :shock:
  18. I'm totally short-sighted and forgot glasses on the day of my test, and passed okay.

    The letters are huge, and you're only standing a few metres away.

    No problems.

  19. You might get lucky. They forgot to test my eyes when i got my Ls
  20. isn't it random though? don't they have a chart with 10 odd lines on it , and randomly select people to read out one of the lines?