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Wanting to get back on

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Bolds, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    Just after some advice.

    I got my learners back in April, and shortly after brought a nice CBR250RR. Everything was going great, really enjoyed riding... needless to say I was having a great time.

    So one day towards the end of May I decided it was a nice day to ride to work.... I almost got there. An old granny pulled out in front of me, all I could do was try and get around her.... but yeah I went down.

    After a couple of days in hospital I went home.... no major or lasting injuries. Bike was written off, and insurance covered everything.

    At the time my wife was very adamant, I would never ever ride again.... seemed my whole family jumped on the band wagon, so I put the idea out of my mind.

    Now 6 mths on, I find myself getting the urge to get back on a bike, I've tried to drop hints to my wife... at first she wouldn't even respond, now I'm not too sure if I should continue to push or let it go and keep the peace.

    Anyone else been through this? How did it turn out? Any tips on how to convince my wife that I don't have a death wish?

    If I did manage to get another bike.... I've made the decision not to commute on it, with the thought of minimising the chances of another off.

    Thanks for reading.
  2. Hear ya dude, similar story to mine. Had a big D & M last night, but who wears the pants man? :wink: I have to wait a while till I get another bike, and already I hate my pushie sooo much.
  3. Your best chance is exactly what you are thinking now; to get another bike, but only for recreation.


    Tell her you want to get a horse. Get her to agree.

    Then tell her more people get hurt and killed falling off horses, than do off bikes :LOL:.
  4. Then tell her that a bike is going to cost less than 1 horse but be the equivalent of at least 30 horses (assuming your getting another 250). She should be so impressed with that argument when she realises the savings that she'll probably want you to buy a bigger bike (more horses, even more savings). :grin:

    And before the question is even asked, yes - I'm single :p.
  5. As paul said, say it'll be for weekend recreation, not for commuting (traffic).

    And go do a bunch of HART/stay upright training courses to convince her.
  6. Just do it and deal with the repercussions later! :p
  7. If I did manage to get another bike.... I've made the decision not to commute on it, with the thought of minimising the chances of another off.

    Hi there, i dissagree with this statement, as you will have less experience, so higher chance of having an accident if the shit hits the fan. I been commuting for about 5 years now, 50k each day, and i never had an accident in all that time, only time i had an off was when i forgot to remove my disc lock :oops:
    lots of riding means your skills will improve quickly, it feels as if i now have a 6th sense on the bike, learn to trust your instincts and ride to your abilities.
    In short, get back on the bike, learn from your actions, and you will be a better rider. I believe almost every accident can be avoided, it is all about road position, and being noticed, i move around in my lane quite a bit, also never sit in anyones blind spot, i always accelerate quickly through this area if passing.
    my 2c
  8. "T'is easier to gain forgiveness than gain permission."

    Thank you.

    Leave your money in the jar by the door.
  9. worked with parent issues... mum before" youre never going to get a motorbike!!!"
    next day when ive paid for the bike and rode it home "well it was inevitable i guess" yes i have good parents much easier than a wife.
  10. I agree with Menion, not commuting isn't really the answer IMHO. Granted, I'm still fresh faced in this riding world - with only a bit over a year under my belt. However, riding my bike every day really built up my confidence and my comfort level in handling the bike.

    I ride every day possible (ie. when I'm not being sent on some ungodly mission to another city/town), rain or shine, windy or hailing, hot or cold - about 50kms each day. It really does help me recognise the 'signs' of drivers about to get unto your path, increased my car-dodging/emergency maneuver skills, etc.

    Plus, if anything, it's really REALLY fun to ride your bike every day! :grin:

  11. I had a similar issue with my wife, its me or a bike!

    This went on for some time and things got quite bad, so i just slowly slowly persuaded her little bit here little bit there and finally she came around but as always theres conditions, the biggest issue she had is the fear that i would have a bad off and that she told me so. As for countering that i have no idea what actually worked in the end but something did!

    I have to agree that "Forgiveness is easier to gain than permission"
  12. Thanks for the replies.... reading your responses showed me that there is some light at the end of this.

    Seems I might be getting some where with the wife, her excuse changed last night from 'No your not getting another bike' to 'Oh we can't afford it'... so her resolve seems to be weakening. I just need to get through all the excuses.
  13. heh, "we can't afford it". Does she have an expensive hobby?

    Leverage is a wonderful thing. (and I thought they paid out the bike?)
  14. Wife won't let you ride?...Get a new one :LOL:
  15. :WStupid:

    But then again you could also post a topic with the same heading when you do get a bike. :mad:
  16. My 2c is that when you fall off on the road (especially in traffic), things are gonna be ugly.

    The OP says it's for recreation.... get a track bike. Might still break a leg, but you're not gonna get killed.

    My family is much happier with me now that I've taken my bike off the road.