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Wanting a Super Sport

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dayhell, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Hi All, I'm wanting a bit of advice from my fellow netriders about my first big bike. First off some background information.

    I'm 31 and have had my bike licence for 10 years, neither my bike or car licence have ever been suspended. I grew up in Geelong and rode almost exclusively in that area through the Bellarine Penninsula, down and round the GOR and its backroads. My first bike was a GSX250F Across and was pretty capable for my skill level. In the 2 years of riding around Geelong I came off 3 times, once around a round-about on my way to work (4:30am, freezing cold), once on a gravel road straight off into the bush and the last time on a backroad on the way down to Apollo Bay (was looking at a car coming the other way and rode off the road).

    My riding came to a stop when my now wife and I moved to Melbourne and neither she, my Dad or I were comfortable with me riding / commuting on the bike up here, even driving was an eye opener for the first couple of months, so the bike was sold. Since then i have ridden on and off with my Dad as he has a couple of spare bikes, mostly day trips down to Daylesford / Ballart and back without a problem, although the Suzuki Intruder was pretty uncomfortable for me. I'm 6'4" (193 cms).

    Present day, I'm finally in a position to buy the bike that I've wanted since its release (insurance and full riding gear included). A Gen II Hayabusa. Though when I bought this up with my Dad he was quite firmly against the idea of a full fairing sports bike. He currently rides a '93 Harley Soft tail and is trying to move me over to that style or even even exact model of bike. I'm not against the idea, in that it is comfortable to ride and has more than enough power, however as much as I enjoy riding the bike, its not the bike that I want to ride.

    My plans before getting the Hayabusa are to re-familiarize myself with the theory and riding disciplines by taking the HART Advanced Level 1 course (I'm sure i saw Level 2 & 3 a couple of weeks ago, but it seems to have disappeared from their site) and then limiting myself to Power Level C (~100hp) for 3 months, Power Level B (~150hp) for 6 months and then moving up to Power Level A (~200 hp)after 9 months of riding.

    I should note that my wife and mother have no objections to me buying the bike, though I think my wife will be happy for me to not have to listen to me point out everytime there is one on the road, or ask what type of day it is every time there is a nice day out (its a motorbike day).

    If there is any ideas out there about the above, I would like to hear them. I don't want to show any disrespect my Dad, but I also don't want to end up with a bike that i'm not super keen on either. Happy to provide more information for those that want it.
  2. best of luck with the 'busa!
  3. Thanks, I figure all the inputs are the same, its just a matter of how quickly they react.
  4. I used to own a GenI. loved it. superfast, like the Millennium Falcon.

    trouble is I rode it too fast too often. ended up selling it. I miss it and would love another but I know I lack the self control to stick to within 5-10 of the speed limit.
  5. How does the Harley compare to the 'busa?
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  6. Like a slate-pencil compares to a laser-cutter.....
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  7. Good luck with the plan. I'll give you about 9 days before you say stuff it and bump it up to power level A :p

    Sounds sensible to pace yourself given the time off the bike. Enjoy your dream machine.
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  8. Thought you wanted a 600 by the title.

    If you have self control and your brain is connected to your right wrist then i think you should get one!

    You may find that speeding is so much fun that you'll want to do it all the time on a Busa. I've heard they're very comfortable for light touring though.

    When i got my s1000rr i told myself I'd ride it in rain mode for a few weeks. that lasted for less than 10 minutes and I've only ever used it since when its actually raining.
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  9. Go straight for the busa u want mate. "Power level" is all in the right wrist not in the motor IMHO
  10. Is that a serious question? If it is I suggest you do your research properly before buying one.
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  11. In terms of enjoyment. Not specs or ability of the machine.

    If chilliman64chilliman64 had to give up his 'busa, does he enjoy riding the Harley as much as he did the sports bike.
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  12. Your bike your choice - simple, your dad should understand being a rider
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  13. You're 31yo, grow some balls and thank your dad for his advice, but politely tell him you will be buying the bike you want.
    You have to ride it, assume you are paying for it not your dad, so what suits him may not suit you. The 2 bikes are worlds apart, different segments of the market so there is no real comparison between them. You are old enough (and have stacked it enough) to know that being an idiot with the fun handle will lead to no fun, so exercise some self-control and the Bus will be fine.
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  14. I like them both for different reasons - if you want speed, handling and thrills get the busa, if you want to cruise and take it a bit easier and enjoy the ride then a cruiser.
  15. Get the busa, it's the bike you desire and will want to ride. If it's a big deal for your dad then borrow his Harley every so often when you go out for a ride together. After you have lived with the busa for a while you'll know if it's a keeper.

    Your plan re the riding modes is admirable but I'd say you'll move onto full power within a few weeks and that's ok, it's all about your self control. I have found myself in more trouble on the 100hp Hyper than I have on the ~200hp HP4.
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  16. Riding is as mush about the passion for the bike you want as it is about how you ride. Get the bike you want. That's what I did and have not looked back.
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  17. Fair enough, didn't realise it was a direct question to chilliman64chilliman64 but motorcycling is an individual thing and just because he likes both doesn't mean you will.
    Have you ridden your Dads bike? Have you ridden a Busa?

    Get a grasp of what you want out of a bike first and create a shortlist and take it from there because the two bikes you looking at are at different ends in market.
  18. Thanks for the responses so far, its reassuring to see support from other members.

    This is a large part of the reason for buying a bike again, so we can all go for a ride together. My cousin and Uncle ride also and since moving to Melbourne haven't had an opportunity to go out with them all.

    100% agree.

    Sure have ridden the old man's bike and its very relaxing ride and easy to rack the k's on. Haven't had the chance to get a Busa as yet, even if it doesn't "fit" me, i'd rather have one and sell it later than never have one and wonder.

    I understand this sentiment but i can see it from his side also. I'm sure when my son is old enough, i will want him on the safer option too.
  19. Worldwide, you would probably find moe Hardley Rideable riders stack than Busa riders.
  20. #20 chilliman64, Apr 26, 2016
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2016
    because there are more HD riders worldwide? or are you suggesting (as it reads to me) that most HD riders have no riding skills?

    a bit of an unfair comparison considering busa is one model only compared to an entire brand. how about you amend your statement to cover all sports tourers vs all cruisers?

    did the edit for you
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