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Wanted - where to buy some bike accessories......

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by OC1, May 26, 2005.

  1. In Melbourne - where's a good shop to get the following??

    - a luggage rack suitabe for a XV250 Virago - also perhaps a hard-case (lockable).
    - a Xeno disc lock (one with an alarm).
    - a heavy-duty cable and lock.

  2. Sweeeeet!
  3. Try any of the bike retailers for any of the accessories. I know, for instance, New World Honda in Berwick supply most gear for bikes including a limited range of racks and boxes. I bought all my wet weather gear, my back pack and tank bag from there. My bike came with a rack, they have a nice rack bag there that I've got my eye on. Prices are reasonable and if you haggle with Sam the sales bloke you'll probably get a better deal.
  4. I had a lot of fun at Bikemart - cool salesman and got all my kit.

    Xena disc locks for $70 - a bargain where ebay is $70US and US bike shops $99US - just goes to show sometimes local is cheaper!

    I am still after a rack and hard case for the XV250 - genuine Yamaha racks a damn expensive for a bit of metal though!
  5. You will have gotten the old model whereas US will be selling current/new model
  6. i got the XE15 (current model) for $80 on wednesday with no discount, so it could of been $70 at bikemart. the guys who got it in for me (brighton kawasaki) said the older models were so sensitive cars driving past set them off, the new ones are an improvement, though it still doesn't take much to trip them, a bump almost anywhere on the bike and off it goes (a good thing in my opinion.)