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VIC wanted triumph street triple

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by njacko, Nov 19, 2010.

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  1. I can't seem to find any used street triples around in Melbourne. I'm more interested in the R version. Where are they all? Are they that good? :-s

  2. I was looking at Triples and like you I was looking at the R version and when I couldn't find any I wondered.... maybe there are other bikes that are better and there aren't many Triples bought !
  3. Yes - they are that good.

    I did speak to a guy who works near me who said he was thinking of selling his, but I saw him ride by the other day so he obviously hasn't sold it yet.
  4. No. People just wont sell them.
  5. people definitely buying them, see at least 1-2 a week just riding to and from work. was thinking about selling mine. after a quick blast to the dealer to fix electrical issues and hoping it wouldn't die on the way, I think I'll keep it just a little longer. even after leaking coolant, loose exhaust bolt, loose battery connector, radiator fan issues, feeling of arse on fire from the engine at the lights, losing power/electrics, possible r/r and stator issues. It's just a great bike to ride, kinda forget all these problems once you hear the sweet triple tune scream. all these problems just give it more character :)
  6. spoken like a true fan :)
  7. Yeah, back to the good old days when Triumph bikes were renowned for their faults and it allowed the Japs to take over the bike market.
    I thought times had changed!
  8. yes they r that good x2!! 25,000kms & just over a yr down, happy woman i am :wink:
    Awesome to tour with too.

    ..... i hav a friend who will most likely sell if there's no riding after summer so more TBA on this
  9. dude mine is for sale its not a R but after a bit of tweaking will beheave like one :) pm me if interested
  10. ah, too late, too late. I just wanted one for 6 weeks while i was back in Melbourne. Now it's back to the UK to my mighty Ducati Multistrada 1200s....when the snow clears.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.