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Wanted - trade manuals

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Chairman, Oct 3, 2007.

  1. Yes, I know - this could probably have gone in the "Wanted" section, but I figured that the folks most likely to have the answer will be regulars in here. This question is technical (as in, about techincal stuff) and troubleshooting (as in, I can't be bothered with the trouble of posting it in the right forum)

    I've gone back to TAFE to upgrade my main qualification (a degree in social work) by adding a diploma in engineering. I'm training to be a social engineer :)

    My neighbour gave me an manual from his apprenticeship days (1975) and it is the best basic guide to turning threads that I've seen. Now I'm keen to find the rest of the series.

    So...do any of Netrider's machining wizards have other books in the series they'd be prepared to part with, for a reasonable financial consideration?

  2. I can't help, but... HELLLLLOOOOO!

    Ain't seen ya round for a while.


  3. Can't help with the specific request, but if you're after a good basic, easy to understand grounding in most areas of workshop skills, it's hard to go past these:-


    Although that's a British site, they are available in Australia at not too exorbitant prices.

    Aimed at the amateur, there's still an awful lot of good information in most of them.

    Pitstop and Boffins both sell them here in Perth and do mail order.
  4. Sorry, the URL seems to take you to the Chronos home page rather than the specific catalogue item.

    Try Googling "Workshop Practice Series".
  5. What the hell does a social engineer do? :? Starts conversations?
  6. Anyone can start a conversation. A social engineer can do multi-start conversations


    Just kidding.

    Social Engineering
  7. Ha Chairman going multi start now are we :LOL:

    well a butress, acme, square and a flat top metric and whit to you

    getting on with the uns unf unc bsw bsf brass and ba now

    when ya ready sing out and we will discuss the finer points of hozapfel wellin and maybe over a good red debate the merits of a half inch unc versus whit

    then as the night blurrs maybe to finish off a robust debate on sealing threads ummmm a good night in the garage :wink:

    Seariously the books you need can be borrowed from the libary funny enough or go to the TAFE libary where you are doing the course they can get them in for you with a student discount of course, that is of course if they are still teaching the trade

    for refernece books on screw cutting you cannot beat the machinists hand book for designations tolerances and wire gauge checking

    other sources of good books are plough book sales

    this is about the best reference book for starters and intermediates
    as well as
    Buy the way this is avaiable from either plough or the wheels of time in dandenong

    By the by mate

    No you cannot get your greasy mits on my set