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Wanted - Trackside Camping Ticket !!!

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by gharpur, Sep 8, 2007.

  1. Hey there

    Anyone with a spare ticket for Trackside Camping would be greatly appreciated!

    If you have one, or know anyone with aspare, can you please let me know.

  2. Buy it at the gate on the way in?
  3. Will there be any available? Because when I go to purchase one on motogp. com. au they are saying they are sold out.

  4. the last 3 years ive got them on the way in...and never had a problem...and as far as I know the people ive gone in with are did the same!
  5. God I hope so, because as you know this year ticket sales have sky rocketed for the GP!

    Still though, if you know anyone selling one, can you let me know and I'll give you my details.

  6. The word is that the trackside campground is full to capacity, so if you cant get a ticket now it looks like highside campground for you Gazza.
    Give ebay a go, you just never know.
  7. yea I just found out looks like it is full....not happy
  8. Just checked ebay and only WANTED ads on there :evil:
  9. O yea I think I just about broke my toe AGAIN when I found out....I was rather crappy for the rest of the day....and for that matter still am...stuck with them snobby Highsiders...shish
  10. We've been told to expect about.....wait for it......115,000 people on the island for the weekend. Don't expect to get off the Island in a hurry after either, all kinds of funny diversions are planned.
  11. That’s why you plan early and go down early Thursday...and leave late Monday.....
    mind you when I started the new job last year I did put in a special deal on my contract....I get the time of I need to be able to go to the Superbikes and the Moto GP at the island every year....NO MATTER WHAT..... :grin:
  12. <deleted>