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Wanted: Suspension Specialist in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by golgy, Mar 8, 2012.

  1. Howdy folks,

    Just looking for some recommendations for places that specialize in suspsensions in Melbourne ( prefer east-ish, but not overly fussed.. ). I'm looking to get my daytona 675 set up for my weight and am looking for quotes.

    Anyone have any places they trust/know of with good reputations?

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  2. hang on I'll have a LOOK for you...
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  3. Seriously? What a waste of reply space. I said i was looking for recommendations, not "can someone please search the internet for me" as i'm perfectly capable of that.

    Just so we're clear here: Google does not give back results based on real life competance or high customer satisfcation. That requires talking to people, which is what i'm trying to do.

    Yeah - Promecha quoted about the 900-1kish mark for the work which i thought was a tad excessive.

    Who in Kensington do you go to? Pretty sure Charlie the Triumph guy is around that sort of area ( which is pretty close to work so is a bonus )
  4. Have used Suspensions R US a few times for basic work. Always been happy with Izzy. So, I
    sent the old ZX9 in for respring/rebuild on both ends @ 75,000km. It was different bike after that!
    Note: Just checked the website, he's moved to Pakenham.

    Was speaking to John at (Mornington Kawasaki) not long after, and he said he would have done
    the work as good as, or better, and for less money. I've been happy with his other work, so next time I will be trying him.

    Tried to get onto Promecha a few months back, looking at valving options for telescopic forks. No reply to multiple emails.
    Eventually picked up the phone, left message, no reply. Have heard good things about him but....Maybe he doesn't like DR650's ???
  5. I've also had good experiences with suspensions r us.
    Also tried to get onto Promecha with no response.
  6. We had young blokes DRZ done at Chads offroad in Geelong. We're happy.
    bit far for you tho.
  7. Suspensions R Us are highly recommended
  8. +1 for Izzy at Suspensions R Us
  9. SW racing do suspension set up at the track for about $80.
  10. Promecha did my viffer. Very happy with the result. He is pretty hard to contact though.

    There's a guy down around Seaford who a mate goes to. My mate found that others couldn't quite get the result he wanted, and he kept trying other guys until he found the Seaford guy. Now, he's completely wrapped with the way his bike handles (gixxer 1000, street and track use).