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N/A | National wanted sub 10K R1 2004-2008 model

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Takamii, Apr 10, 2011.

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  1. So I am looking for a sub 10K R1 - 2004-2008 model

    Must have log books all keys etc

    let me know if you hear of anything

  2. any state ?
  3. Good luck Takamii (y)

    Recently had mine for sale (expressions of interest only) albeit for ~5k more than your targeted budget. Needless to say, was SWAMPED with calls, emails, even at the advertised price of 15.4k !
    Decided to keep it - means too much to me.

    Best of luck dude. I'm on bikesales etc daily (must be obsessed with bikes or something :D). Let you know if anything matches your requirements.
  4. You heading down my path ya malaka, get a boulevarde :)
  5. Saw a Black/Orange stripe Boulevard during a quick stop in the city 30min ago - couldn't resist :)
    They are impressive Goz - is that definitely what you're settling for ?

    'Malaka' would be a funny personalised plate. There's a bloke I met on his Black R1 in the city some time ago with the plate 'Gamai' :D
  6. the stiped ones are Limited edition versions, more GSXR parts on them, worst plate i saw was a lebo in a gemeni with LEBGEN, ohh gawwwd
  7. Hahaha ! There's a few pearlas out there, that's for sure !
    Here's a deal for ya mate - I'll ride the R1 up to Sydney (bring on sore ass, wrists etc etc) when you buy a Boulevard !
    There's an incentive to get one quickly...unless, of course, you guys don't want me up there :)
  8. id love to buy 1 tomorrow, heck, i got a bloke in Newcastle waiting for me, Insurance reckons another 2 to 3 weeks ffs
  9. I like the '07 one mate - newer model, lower km... the first things that stand out. Good luck dude. A buddy in Sydney just picked up an identical one to this (07). Loves it (y)
  10. Hey looks like I may have found one

    unmolested 2004 model - 9000kms - sweeeeeet

    matches the helmet as well - well sorta kinda maybe - I dont know

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  11. Nice find mate ! I particularly like that candy red scheme...bet she goes fast as well ;)
    For the km's and year, that looks like a magnificently clean bike.
    Great match with the helmet too (y)
  12. Okay so I bought this little beauty -- back in the saddle again from next monday

    Attached Files:

  13. Nice bike buddy. It compliments the lid well.
  14. very nice :)
  15. Thanks - now just deciding on the bling -- not a guy to spend more money to make it go quicker as is already fact enough

    wondering how well gold bling would go - eg spools , rearsest, flushmount indicators on side with the front euro spec ones in the headlights - a set of angel eyes some HID conversion
  16. I reckon gold would compliment it very nicely, my 2 cents bud.
  17. Ahaha, you bought a bike to match your helmet!???

    Very nice, too.
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