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Wanted: Sprint ST 1050 to hire for a week - Melb,

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by VFR750 IRYDE, Dec 22, 2009.

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  1. G'day guys.

    I am looking for someone willing to hire (with full paperwork, at commercial rates) their Sprint ST 1050 to me for a week.


    I have 2 problems I can fix at the same time.

    Problem 1 - I'm going away for a week with a large group of rider friends at the end of Jan and I need a better bike than my 25 year old knockabout CBX 750 that is my daily ride at the moment. (Most of the group have been out riding together before and we are not crazies! In fact the group includes some Harleys which keeps our average speed rather modest, average age in the group is mid-late 30's.)

    Problem 2 - I'd like to spend that week on a Sprint ST 1050, as thats the bike I'm saving for, so its a good chance to make ABSOLUTELY SURE that its the bike I want to live with... BUT none of the bike hire places in Melbourne have one.

    Hence this post... calling anyone with a 1050 they can spare for a week, or are selling, or want some quick and easy cash.


    I am 27, male, fully licenced and been riding for five years, almost daily for 3 years. I have a clean insurance history with RACV. I have had one crash (which wised me up quick smart!), but did not need to claim on insurance.

    The bike i'm after:

    Sprint ST 1050 with either hard bags or a luggage rack or both. I'd preffer a 2007+ model due to the higher windscreen and bars, being closer to the current model I am saving for, but I'll accept any 1050 model. Registered, insured and in good condition. (Tyre tread, brakes etc).

    My offer:

    I am offering $1,200 AUD to the hirer as the hire fee. I will then (obviously) pay for my own petrol, however tyre wear, kms (est 2,100ish K's for the week) etc are all included in that fee.

    A further $2,000 cash will be left with the hirer as a bond. Photographs will be taken of the bike from every angle before I take possession of it and scratches / damage will be billed from that $2,000 bond.

    If there is no damage the $2,000 bond will be refunded in full upon return of the bike.

    What if I crash it?

    I don't plan on crashing, but then no-one ever does.

    The arrangement would be the same as if I'd hired from a commercial hire shop.

    Ie, I lose my bond, up to the value of the damage. ($500 damage means I get $1,500 of the bond back.)

    If the damage is more than my $2,000 bond then the hirer will have to claim that on their insurance, as is the case with commercial hire shops. So any third party or first party damage exceeding $2,000 will then be the problem of the hirer, to claim on their insurance or deal with otherwise, as they see fit.

    My full details including licence details will be left with the hirer, so any issues can be resolved easily.

    If you are interested then reply or PM me!


Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.