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WANTED: Spray Painter in Melbourne

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by damien613, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. sorry I know this is probably the wrong forum to post in, however the one I was attempting to post in - services etc, apparently I do not have access to post in??

    anyway I am after a spray painter who can do a backyarder / after hours cash job for me - I had a torch of all things drop from my vans roof onto my motorbike which put 2 little dents on my petrol tank - they are on the top and I'm confident I can keep the repairs small and perhaps just have that section blended in?

    I was a tradesman panel beater so plan on repairing / priming the repair ready for paint myself.

    I am not confident in spraying black / color matching so would prefer to leave that to a tradesman / 3rd - 4th year apprentice painter.

    the bike is a 2005 GPX 250 so is black with the green stripe crossing through the tank also, so would hope to mash that area off or if a really good painter is out there who can blend it in that would be great.

    any help appreciated, please email damien.rankin@gmail.com
  2. no backyard warriors out there?? $$