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Wanted - Road Test of Bennelli TNT 1130

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mjt57, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. A mate's interested in a Benelli TNT 1130. We've done a search on the web but couldn't find any online road tests or reviews of the bike.

    In a May 2004 AMCN issue, they reviewed one. However, we can't find anyone who keeps their old issues.

    If anyone here still has their copy, and would like to donate, fax, scan or whatever, the review, we'd appreciate it.

  2. I think I have a copy somewhere, but you probably could just ask Johnny O for the review :D
  3. Sorry, don't know any "Johnny O"....
  4. Asking Johnny O for a review on the Benelli would be like asking John Howard what he thinks of market liberalisation :)
  5. Not really,

    Johnny O was pretty frank about what he considered to be the bikes shortcomings when I spoke to him (cant remember which model it was though)
  6. Thanks. I checked out that eatmydirt, but if I'm right, it only refers to that, then, current issue of Cycle Torque. I s'pose I'd have to contact the mag.

    I've since PM'ed Johnny O. Hopefully, he can help out.
  7. It was a joke.
  8. No problemo
  9. Pommie mag ("Bike", I think) has a story in current issue about a bloke who rode one across the Sahara :shock: .
    For real.
    Not much use to you unless you plan on doing trials with it, tho' :p

    Also, from what they said about the bike: great motor and excellent handling, but horrendously uncomfortable. (Of course, that's subjective).
  10. QUOTE
    Older issues of Cycle Torque are no longer available at bike shops, but you can purchase back issues directly from Cycle Torque.

    Please send $3.95*AUS per issue (includes GST and p&h) to:
    Cycle Torque Back Issues, PO Box 3243, Valentine, NSW 2280 AUSTRALIA
    Or phone us on (02) 4946 6826.
    * Overseas requests please e-mail us for postal rates.
  11. Anyway, thanks for the replies, folks. Johnny O is going to see what he can do for me. He's also given me more info to check out other possible sources.