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Wanted: Riding Buddy in Auburn (NSW) and surrounds

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by psychey, Feb 21, 2011.

  1. Looking for a motorcycle riding buddy (located around Auburn, Lidcombe, Berala, Regents Park, etc) to just ride around and boost road confidence. I am on my L's for over 6 months and I need to do this so I can pass the 'MOST' test. I just moved into Auburn and still trying to familiarise myself with the roads. 8-[

    I have a Kawasaki Ninja 250R and it is just sitting relaxed in my garage. [-( :nopity:

    Hope to develop regular riding sessions, but one offs would be better than having none at all.

    I am a tall guy who enjoys his car too much to take his bike out for a spin. :driver: I am not fussed about who responds to this ad.

    What do you say?

    (I will post this and see if it attracts any smart arse remarks! They are funny!) :rofl:

  2. Im not in your area but Auburn isnt far away. However I can only ride around after work, its also an excuse to visit my relos in your area :). Speaking of Homebush, you should try out the Saturday practice.
  3. Hey, thanks for that. Would be good to take the bike out when you decide to visit your relatives. Yes, I have already placed in my calendar for the practice session this Saturday.
  4. Just tell me when so I could organise my pub days around it...cant do tonight though (out drinking with mates) or Friday nights (family time). I think Ekok is also round your area.
  5. How does this Wednesday sound? Is that a pub day?
    I will ask Ekok about his location.
  6. Wed is cool, no not a pub day lol...well nothing planned for that day anyway.
  7. live in holroyd.. pm me if interested
  8. Hi I live in Auburn too! Been on my GS500 for about 2 months now so you're most likely a better rider than I am, if you ever wanna head out to grab a kebab or just explore the surroundings give me a pm.
  9. If you were in Broadmeadows or close which is the Melbourne equivelant of Auburn I'd have been your buddy. As Scorpius said the kebabs in Auburb make my mouth water, so much choice so little time (:)
  10. Yum... kebabs! Thanks for your message. By the time I get to Broadmeadows from Auburn (in one piece), I would be confident and competent enough to do the MOST! LOL.
  11. lol grab a kebab just sounded wrong lol, maybe ive just got a dirty mind.

    i can see a western sydney group forming which is about damn time.

    psy, u already rode well, just keep on doing the course to get ur confidence up. apart from that, u shouldnt be too hard on yourself.
  12. Even if you don't end up finding any buddies I say just skittle around a local empty carpark, go for a ride to Manly or somewhere across the bridge or if possible head to the saturday morning olympic park learner sessions which is around the corner from you.
    Been too long since I've been in Sydney I miss it. Might do a road trip around easter time.
    I reckon you'll do well on your MOST, good luck.
  13. Took him around the Homebush course already and he went pretty well. Doing it again Tuesday next week if anyone else wants to come, maybe have a coffee afterwards.
  14. Thanks mate! I am already planning to attend the Saturday session tomorrow. ...and when I pass the MOST, I will grab myself a kebab. :)
  15. You're are giving me undeserved gold stars! It was getting dark and I was getting wobbly cos I couldn't see properly. LOL. Thank you. :)

    I am trying to get Scorpius to come. I have sent him a PM asking him to join us on Tuesday. It would be great if we could build a western Sydney little group to ride about with. :)
  16. Good on you and nothing like riding with local riders at local places which is convenient.
    Nice good work, after the kebab get an icecream from Mado cafe (63 Auburn rd). Ask for maras icecream pronounced as marash.
  17. Mado cafe? I am new in the 'burb. I have to find out where that is. Ice cream sounds great too! :p

  18. Trust me you werent the only one having trouble seeing where the markings were. I missed a couple of stopping points because I couldnt see where they were.

    My worry beads worked overtime after nearly running out of petrol, although I had a nice trip looking at Auburn's dodgy petrol stations lol.

    Eventually we should extend this to span riders between Auburn area to Penrith area, there are a few mountain men that would be interested in a Western Sydney meetup.

    Im further out west towards Blacktown area but travelling to Auburn is easy peasy. The only time I dont like it is when theres a traffic jam.
  19. It's the road behind the Auburn station that runs up the hill which has kebab shops galore on both sides as you're going up. The cafe is on your right just after mary st sort of diagonally across anz. By the way that ice cream is eaten by fork and knife as pictured it's thick and chewy or you can get it in a cone.
  20. I'm down the road in Homebush, happy to go for rides if I'm free. Send a PM if you ever want to.