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VIC Wanted real cheap ute or van.

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Johnny O, Apr 28, 2010.

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  1. Hey Guy's,

    I'm looking for a real cheap ute or van, I'm talkin around a couple of grand. Don't care so much about the exterior but somehing ok mechanically.

    Thinking Ford XF ute, Toyota Hilux ute or Toyota Hiace van or similar.
  2. did you buy a harley?
  3. If that's the case need to make sure it can carry a 1 tonne load.
  4. classic
  5. My car was written off in the hail, and I went looking for 2-3k ute.
    Ended up with a 3k XF ute on dual fuel.
    Happy as. bit of a tune up, and replace the headlights, and good cheap transport.
    Interestingly enough, I found better cars (and prices) at dealers than private sales.

    The dealers dont want them, and push em out the door.
    Private sellers 'know' their car is a good one, and worth double the going rate?

    Why would I pay 6-7k for a car I can buy for 3k elsewhere?
  6. Thanks dude, I'll check a few dealers.
  7. Pm me if you still lookin Johnny. Pomyboy tried to flog a hiace van with a vt v6 engine to me for $3g's
  8. check with Mick Elliot, Troy's Dad at Bayswater.
  9. =D>


    Uts, vans and wagons tend to hold their value really well. More people want to buy a second hand one then buy a new one, so the values stay up.

    the result is you usually pay too much for what you get.

    So the best thing to do is reassess whether you really need one or whether yo can get away with a Falcondoor which are good value second hand.

    What Peter notes is interesting. Dealers tend to offload their unwanted trade-ins at auctions. So look there. Be warned, however, that cheaper cars being offloaded there tend to have a problem dealers don't want to face. It may be just that it is harder to sell a white ute, but it could be a gearbox or similar.
  10. Perhaps duck in to pickles in Tullamarine as they have all sorts of things
  11. Having worked in the car industry for a decade or so,

    Look for your suburban dealer that trades in cars under $10,000.
    The longer they have been in business the better. They wont keep duds.

    They make their money by trading fast and furious. Ssometimes they make a lot on a car (by buying at the right price) and sometimes they are left with one or two cars that are fine, but for some reason, a buyer for that particular car doesnt come along. The price and willingness to deal are now ripe for you.

    When the car reaches 90 days in stock, they are keen to move it on, because the chances of trading within their terms are limited. They aim to onsell a car for a profit before they actually have to pay for it (think of 28 days terms with the bank). Turnover is the key.
    Slow movers may not necessarily have a problem, but they become a problem for the dealer, as it is dead money.

    Look local!.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.