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Wanted: New dictionary for the Aussie Press

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Nov 26, 2007.

  1. Is it just me, or are other people as well, sick and tired of every cricket team, suburban battler, etc etc having a 'stunning win' in some area or other? The press has predictably been orgasmic over the election win, but how it could be called 'stunning' when everyone saw it coming, I cannot fathom? Is anyone else apart from me sick of 'landslides' when a minor rock-fall is a better description, 'unprecedented' when almost exactly the same thing happened last week, and 'exclusive' when even the Grong Grong Daily carries the story, etc????

  2. The one that bothers me is something like -

    "Rudd Happy at Election Win"

    That's not news. "Rudd not Happy at Election Win" would be news.

    I thought you were going to complain about the Americanisation of spelling in the Tele, Herald, Age etc. That's what I hate :?
  3. I'm not going to!

    I've believed (since I was learning to spell), that the way English spelling isn't phonetic is simply a waste of effort.

    If the brits had come up with phonetic spelling and implemented it then we'd have been all over it like a rash... but because it was the US people bag it.

    That doesn't stop phonetic spelling being a better way though :p
  4. :-k ....your sour grapes are showing Paul.

    The victory was stunning. On any other planet a 6% swing (as much 10% to Labor in some seats) would be considered a landslide due the absolute number of seats that changed hands.

    Was 1996's Lib victory stunning? Was it a landslide??

    Quarter - headlines summarise what's said in the news content. What else would the news report talking about a happy Rudd win, have as a headline???

    Anyone else put together that Kevin Rudd could be abreviated to Krudd? :LOL: I hope his term is anything but!!
  5. Poor rev is feeling a bit put out! 6% swing in any election is a lot and if a losing a sitting PM is not a major defeat nothing is!

    Is it me or did little johnny look really really old on ACA last Friday?

    wooohooo the loony left is in charge again and I love it. :grin:
  6. The Labour right is a LOOONG Way from the Looney Left.
    The diference between the Labour right and the Libs is prety minimal.

    And it is the right of labour that have controll of the party at the moment.
  7. Well, I expected some knee-jerk (with emphasis on the latter) responses to this thread, but I also expected people to read what I wrote. It's not about the election result, but vocabulary-challenged reporting. How can a result be called stunning when everyone expected it? Stunning is when Australia wins the America's Cup, or Bangladesh beats Australia at cricket, or when an earthquake devastates the CBD of Sydney.

    John Howard contrived an even bigger swing to defeat Keating, and that was also called stunning, even though Keating was so on the nose with the electorate that Peter Costello's dog could have won the election.

    It's just about lazy journalists who can't be bothered finding the right word for something, so they just reflexively fall back on a grab-bag of meaningless and utterly inappropriate words, so they can finish their copy and rush down to the pub :roll:.
  8. FL it was a joke, I am left of centre with a big green stripe so I am not a fan of the looneys. I was taking the pi55.

    Oh to show I can be serious please read this, In two-party preferred terms, the 6.1 per cent swing is the biggest since 1975 when Malcolm [ooh I lost my trousers] Fraser secured a 7.5 per cent swing against He who must be worshiped Whitlam. And it is larger than the 5 per cent swing that brought John Howard to office in 1996.

    So pop on your slippers, grab a horlicks and get ready for a jolly good few years. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. Well it was a pretty significant turn around for Labour.

    But I agree, Paul. If I was editor of a paper, "Stunning win" would definitely become "Deadset massacre".
  10. Paul I get your point regarding the language of the mass media, it is designed to tittilate and appeal to the majority of people.

    Everyone [except the Libs] assumed that Labour was going to win, it is the size that surprised a lot of people, so stunning is a good word for it IMO.

    Australia winning the America's Cup was stunning but them winning the last race to take the crown was expected.
  11. Does every post Hornet put up now have to be about libs/labor?

    He's a liberal man, but if I went through the forums picking on all the pinko bastards I'd have a post count like Dstump's.

    (And FFS, why is Gough anything other than something to be ashamed of?)
  12. err, in a thread about politics, it's pretty difficult for me not to be commenting about Liberal or Labor, surely???

    I have created more threads about more different things than anyone else on Netrider, and commented in more threads than anyone too. But if we are going to talk politics, then that will be the subject of the thread, surely :?

    I 'lived' with Gough's bumbling and dishonesty; don't get me started on him.
  13. Paul, I don't share your view on the cliched use of words nor the inference that I'm a jerk for the manner in which your post was responded to.

    For example: In 22 years of performing in pubs etc I've seen many stunning women. The word has NEVER gotten tired - even when I have EXPECTED to see stunning women at a performance.

    In the context of the Australian polictal landscape, stunning is an appropriate description for this election result.

    :LOL: at Ktulu - massacre indeed. :grin: ...poor old Demorats were SLAUGHTERED!
  14. I wasn't having a go, I was just pointing out how quick people are to jump on your back about it.

    Gough is a classic - a nightmare of a PM thatheld up as something of a God to netriders. Gutless, a liar, shallow, stupid, incompetent etc. My favourite is watching his fans list the great things he did "Abolished the white Australia Policy" "Pull the troops out of Vietnam" One day they'll mention something he actually did.

    Gotta laugh.
  15. He's not my god. Talk about a MAJOR over generalisation. :roll:

    Anyway, it's the Australian way... look at how we celebrate Ned Kelly...
  16. But Rob, I bet your vocabulary is broad enough to allow you to describe those women by different words than just one???
  17. Matti i am going to call you out on this one again...
    Aus II only one because Connors boat broke a spreader and couldn't get drive on the staboard tack, (Which as I recall was what he was on for his last leg)
    connor was the better tactisian, and it could be said that the pure hullspeed of his boat was better, it was quite a suprise in a lot of ways that Aus II won.
  18. Paul, it's probably pretty hard to describe anything when your tongue is hanging out (and wooaahhh isn't in the dictionary) :LOL:

    Anyway - watching Downer on TV on Sunday, "stunning" was exactly the right word. Downer looked as if he'd been hit over the head with a mallett. (Mind you - he often looks that way) :p
  19. ... I've used many other words... but they're best not spoken in polite company...
  20. Pretty much everyone but you, mate. Welcome to now. :LOL: :LOL: