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Wanted: Modern(ish) Sportbike

Discussion in 'Wanted' at netrider.net.au started by Rogue01, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. I am looking for a new steed. I have $6,500 for the right bike. If you have any of the following bikes and are looking to sell, I would love to hear from you!

    GSXR600 - 05 onwards
    R6 - 06 onwards
    ZX6R/636 - 05 onwards

    This is going to be my future road ride, so good condition and roadworthy (meaning Im not after a track or dropped/written off/stolen bike).

    I am in QLD, but happy to travel a few kms for the right bike.

    Thanks for reading! :)
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  3. :(

    Changed it slightly.

    It beats checking ebay, bikesales/point, trading post and the other random sites and organisations every day (even though I am sure I still will). I am a serious buyer looking for a bike, and hoping someone is seriously trying to sell their bike! I dont want a peice of crap; I sure as hell don't want a stolen bike and I will take every step in making sure its legit.
  4. Just my humble opinion....
    I've been looking at the bikes on your list as well(including the R1s and gsx-r1000s) more frequently than I'm willing to admit, always waiting for a bargain.
    From my eye-balling these classifieds sites until my eyes bled, $6.5k is too low for the vintage your are after unless it *is* a track bike or stolen.

    Some more observations:
    * Look at the R1's as well, plenty of people selling them...
    * If you are after a gsx-r600 '05, $7k seems like the lowest price they are going for...
    * bargains usually start at around $8k
    * '06 R6s, when crashed...explode.

    I could be completely wrong.
    good luck!

    ps. This opinion only pertains to QLD not any other states.
  5. You may struggle finding a 954 at $6500, $7000-8000 is more realistic depending on condition. 929s are in your price range though, and I would suggest them - just try to find one with a powercommander and custom map as the stock fuelling can be abrupt. I'd offer mine but I just put 12 months nsw rego on it.
  6. CBR600F4i.
  7. The ZX and all RRs (bar the 1K unless you're very lucky) can be had in your budget with some patience, but the R6 and Gixxers are too popular. Since you're in QLD, keep in mind that if you buy eg a NSW bike, you will get any remaining rego refunded - it can add up.
  8. High mileage 00 Gixxer 750? Just under a year of rego, just serviced...

    Guessing too old for your tastes, but it's within your budget so I thought I'd chuck it out there.
  9. Thanks for the all the comments, I do read and appreciate it.

    Ive been looking at the same GSXR's every day for 6 months... they are just not moving. So in case anyone actually wants to sell their bike, I am offering up to $6,500. The asking price for a few of the GSXR's are between 7 flat and 8, so 6.5 real world dollars is not (I believe) unrealistic.

    I am simply offering the fact I am after a bike; I'm not a tyre kicker; and I have the money ready to go.

    As for some of the other bikes being a little further out (such as the 06 R6), I do realise it. I am just saying that I am definitely interested. It never hurts to ask.

    And to DarkHorse; yeh, not quite what I am after, although I may be partial to a 04+ 750.

    TheYak: Thats true, thanks.

    MV: Ive been told the F4i are more touring, and the 600RR is just a better bike!

    Phizog: Yeh, thats what Ive noticed and heard about the 929's. I still want the 954 though, and again, a realistic price isnt that far off the asking price for a few of the ones Ive seen.

    Derick: Asking price and selling price are often different. Here is a chance for someone who wants to sell their bike without tyre kickers wasting their time and money on roadworthys and inspections without coming through.

    Ive already recieved a few PM's; Ill probably give this a week and then close it. Thanks to everyone whos read and messaged me!
  10. Just FYI - the 03 750 was pretty much identical to the 00 - the 04 was the major update, so only very late 03s would be the new model. I'm sure you knew that, and they are easily distinguishable anyway, but thought I'd point it out.

    And while I'm at it, yes there is a difference between asking price and lowest acceptable selling price, but when you're only talking about $7-8,000 I wouldn't be holding my breath for anyone to come down a grand. You might get a couple of hundred knocked off, but that'd be about it.
  11. I dont particularly disagree with anything you've said. And yes, was a typo, Ill change now thanks :)
  12. Can close this now. Thanks to the people that responded/PMed. I now have an R6 :)
  13. Nevermind.. missed your last post
  14. Out of interest, what year?
  15. Possibly this one? You did well to find one that quickly.
  16. I say if you find a good F4i go for it. In may ways better a bike than a 600RR because they feel more solid on the road, F4i has good mid range too. They were a great racebike too, many still use then for stunting or interclub racing They really earned their rap as an all rounder, great at the track, fun on the open road and fine for commute. I couldn't say the same for the earlier 600RRs.

    You'd easily pick up a good one around the $6500 mark and they sold so many there is the odd one with low k's still about.

    I'd take one for a test ride and see for yourself.

  17. THey're harder to find in good shape than you might think here in Victoria, ask me how I know ](*,)
  18. Woah, sorry for the lack of response! I got an '03 R6 with 11k kms on it for $6000. Absolutely mint condition, couldnt believe it.
  19. You did say that two months ago...
  20. Well weher are the Photo's?
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