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Wanted - Mobile Phone

Discussion in 'Archived' started by Dougz, Feb 23, 2009.

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  1. Hiya

    Does anyone have a spare mobile phone kicking about that I can have? I need to get hold of one for my partner so that she can put my simcard in it and take messages while I'm away OS.

    Any help would be appreciated. Please drop me a pm :)

  2. What band do mobiles in Canada use?
  3. Dunno, but they have THE worst phone system in the developed world! I can't believe how much they get ripped off over here :shock:
  4. Depending on who your with, you can get a prepaid phone for under $100 (Telstra etc. see them at PO for $50-60, would be the cheapest way. I normally have a spare phone, but I believe the sister in law has gone through all 4 of them so far. Good luck mate.
  5. I've already got a sim back at home (mt martha) which I organised when I left but the phone is now broken.
  6. I have a spare phone (two actually), they've never been used, but they are oldskool if you know what i mean?
    Happy to get one to her to try out if you like?
  7. I have a j230i if you want mate.

    It will only take a Virgin SIM but you can have that too if you want. She just has to buy a bit of credit for it.

    It's one I use intermittently for testing so it's basically still in the box.

    Let me know.
  8. Thanks for the replies guys :) Much appreciated! Cheffa, I'll keep that in mind mate and thanks also for the offer of dropping it round. Holster thinks she has one and will get back to me tonight so I'll run with that for now. if I get stuck I'll pm you.

    Thanks again :cool:
  9. what I mean dougz, is if your with Tel$tra, get an el'cheapo prepaid phone and stick your sim in it. Throw the Prepaid sim out if you want. Just pic a prepaid for the company your on.
  10. I may still have my previous phone, an LG U8360 mate. I'll check tonight.
  11. Now that Dougz looks like he might be sorted i think i'll hijack his thread....

    can someone point me at the best 'bang for your buck' pre-paid deal that's going on at the moment?
  12. Not sure how this compares to other deals, but I buy a Vodafone $29 cap and get $130 of calls/text. The credit only lasts a month, and unused credit is forfieted once the month is up. If you buy your credit from Safeway, they also give you 10% discount, making it $26.10 for $130 of calls/text.
  13. Thanks Thera and Caz, I'm going to be doing a lot of interstate calls, and I'm probably going to kill off the home phone, so add a few mobile calls in as well. Just not ready to take the plunge and sign into another crappy long term contract with short term benefits.

    Thanks for the info. :)
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.