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[wanted] - Mobile Phone - tradesman's

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by nibor, Nov 14, 2008.

  1. hey guys.
    long story short, i lost my phone last night, and i need a new one ASAP.
    i've had 3 Nokia 5100's previously, loved em. im not a tradey, but i abuse it like one :p

    am currently looking at the 5140i, which is the model up. few more features, but still farkn durable.

    any other suggestions for phones? please dont suggest your phone jsut coz it hasnt broken yet, i wont bother considering it unless its got a plastic/rubber casing etc, specifically designed for abuse.

    budget is limited to about $250. im after a phone that calls, texts, a camera would be handy. looks alright, but most importantly doesnt break easily/water/dust resistant etc. if it slides or flips i wont touch it, it'll snap off.

    also, anyone actually selling a nokia 5140i? and i might need someone with an ebay/paypal account if worst comes to worst, i'll get one off ebay. shops dont seel em anymore, theyre fairly outdated.

    Nibs :)
  2. If I can find it you can have my old 5100 for free.

    BUT NFI where to start looking..lol

    Will keep you posted about the search party if your interested
  3. that'd be freakin awesome if you do find it, cheers :)
  4. I had a 5140 as a work phone in a previous job. I hated the thing. It had so many features, fiddley keys and an annoyingly slow interface that just making a phone call was difficult. Call me a philestine but I just wanted a phone for phone calls.
  5. the 5140i's are probably one of the better tradie phones... don't touch the Next G tradies phone (ZTE piece of garbage)

    I reckon just pick a cheap phone like $59 with the features you want and just keep replacing them could buy 4 phones for the cost of one better on maybe

    We have a secondhand 5140i at work here I might be able to sell you
  6. I had the 5140, and was very happy with it. I then moved to the ZTE version and have been very happy with that, especially the ability to check my emails on it. Thinking about the price your looking at though, I would think the 5140 is your best bet unless you're happy to go on a contract. The only other choice I can think of would be this but it is still pricey, and I know little about it: http://www.crazyjohns.com.au/products/mobilephones/manufacturer.aspx?ID=5945

    Good luck.
  7. is your ZTE the 165 or the 158/159?

    The 165's have been ZTE's best phone but they are still lucky to last a year, I have one sitting in front of me right now that I have to send off for warranty repair for a customer. We get heaps of them in with problems. Their reception is very very good though
  8. I know you play around with fire, but what else do you do that makes your life so hazardous to phones? :p
  9. It's karma. Flipping me the bird @ Knox last night has come back to haunt you. Oh, and my Nibor voodoo doll with pins sticking out of it too.
  10. I had the 165. It lasted 24 hours before the screen broke. I took it into Telstra for repair. It was meant to take 14 days with a a call to say if it would be at my expense or not. I started calling after day 15. It was found on day 22. The salesman recalled that he had told me it was tough. He spoke to his supervisor and due to the delay and my belief it was a tough phone they exchanged it for a new 159.

    The 159 has been great. My 20 mth old daughter has thrown it down on concrete and not broken it. I have dropped it 2 mtrs a couple of times and it still works. Yes there has been some issues with software where it will freeze about once a month but this has not been a major issue for me. I have not put the Bluetooth to good use other than to exchange files and as said I like to receive my emails on it. Reception has been good.
  11. if you can tell me what condition it's in, what comes with it (wall charger, battery, car charger are the main things i care about), and how mcuh you'd be happy to part for it, that'd be sweet :)

    i had a look at that online before. supposedly its the most robust phone out there atm, but a little lacking in features. no camera, and it'd be handy to get a camera on my next phone. and yeah the price is a bit of an issue, and i wont touch a contract with a 10 foot pole.

    cheers though :)

    well you looked like a carpark-raging motorist, so i thought i better assert myself :p it was funny watching you mouth "what the fuu..." before u realised who it was. doubley funny watching mum's jaw drop as i flip off at a "random driver" :LOL: we were shopping for a new phone lol :p

    well at Tafe when the teacher was late, we used to play Hacky with my phone. was great :grin: then the screen hit a metal corner, butsted the screen haha. that was the only breakable part on the 5100.
    generally its just good for throwing at things, or dropping accidentally, or crashing the pushy with it in my pocket.
    i know i could be careful, but rather than buy a blingy shiney newphone for an arm and a leg, or $0* upfront... but thats a 5 year contract :roll:), and risk it breaking somehow, i prefer a padded brick. suits me :grin:

    thanks for the help so far guys :)
  12. ok found the phone...

    Now to find the charger and make sure it works...

    Then its all yours providing it works and you still want it :)
  13. I've got a few old Nokia chargers lying around if you want one.
  14. found the charger and the phone works so its yours if you want it :)
  15. sorted, thanks guys! :grin:
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  17. Yeah the deck of the work boat. I hear electrical devices like salt water.
  18. Thats a good start, but I think Mark might be reffering to a burning building ;)