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VIC Wanted- Housemate in Yarraville.

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by Slow Coach, Jun 29, 2011.

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  1. Yes I am looking for a new housemate. So anyone looking for a room in a three bedroom house 2mins from the station etc. Rent is $540, Bond is $540 and bills are split three ways etc.

  2. $540 a week?
  3. $540 a day HC
  4. That's each right?

    That's why I moved out of Yarraville.
  5. Couldn't be. Slow Coach must surely be charging by the hour.
  6. Any shots of the house Slow? And clarification on the $540 would be nice :S
  7. Well he's worth every cent.
  8. I'll give you change for a fiver.
    Wait. What for?
  9. Sorry the rent is $540 pcm.

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  10. Does it have a garage?
  11. You can pay $1180 and use one of the bedrooms.
  12. what's pcm stand for? as you may be able to tell, I still live at home :p I'd assume per month or something, but then I don't know what the 'c' is for...
  13. Per calendar month... is what pcm means :p.

  14. $1080 - or are you forward thinking and considering the cost of leasing common hallways as a driveway?
  15. Sorry, no garage. Never had a problem though, space out back where bike can be stored etc.
  16. Yep. plus the toll gantry on the front porch. My tip of the day is, don't speed in that bathroom, that's not a hairdryer.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.