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Wanted: Honda CBR 600 RR

Discussion in 'Wanted' started by jaems, Jun 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys, I'm after the 07 CBR600RR with the white/black/silver colour scheme.

    Not desperate for it as I want to buy it sometime after August so if anyone is willing to let go of theres around that time please message me on price and we can neg from there I guess that is the reason why I'm posting earlier to get a rough estimate for it.

  2. How about Blue?
  3. I guess it depends on the price cause im very keen for the white one.
  4. If you haven't seen it or noticed the ad, Pinx has a blue one for sale. Go and check out the Bikes For Sale section.
  5. You'll struggle to find a white one as there were only around 30 brought into the country. My little brother has one though :grin:
  6. I have noticed the ad for Pinx and have taken it into consideration but for that price I'd be willing to pay for a white not a blue, I'm very keen for a white.

    Only 30 :shock: , I found a ad which one got sold for 9k :(
  7. You're pushing shit uphill. If you found one in white for 9k then the guy must have been desperate to sell as that's WAY under market value. Pinx's bike is pretty much spot on pricewise. My bro bought his for around the 12k mark and one was recently sold on here for 13.5k. I'll let my blue one go for no less than 12k and that's fully modded.

    Good luck.
  8. Pushing shit uphill? no need to get hasty.

    I never stated that I would only pay less then market value for one, for my personal taste I would rather pay 13k for a white then 11k for a blue as I did start of this topic with wanting a white...

    FYI the bike that got sold for 9k was an eBay bidding and I have the link for it as I was watching it, he must have been desperate because I know the market value isn't that low for 07 model and that you stated only 30 are in the country which is why I had the sad face after that line.
  9. How about this one. Wouldn't cost much to get on the road


    Sorry about the long link. URL shorty thing not working
  10. Thanks for the link Doug have contacted him but might possibly hold off for an undamaged one now.

    Anyone know anyone who will be selling there white/black/grey scheme bike please msg me!!
  11. OK mate. I'm def selling mine now. Shoot me your digits in a pm and I'll ring you when I'm back in the country next week.
  12. u selling dougz? :shock: how come
  13. he bought a desmo... :-w
  14. Smart boy that Dougz.
  15. I wish!
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